Recovery Week Count down

Summary of workouts during “recovery week” post the Marathon debut

  • Monday 10 Mile Easy Run 9 min pace outside
  • Tuesday 10 Miles on handless Elliptical & 10 Mile easy run outside 8:38 pace
  • Wednesday Super busy work day but IB sneakedB in a 6 Miles Incline 3 horrible sticky treadmill run during lunch. 9:04 pace lots of walk breaks. B Did I mention that I hate humid runs! B Summer will be rough!
  • Thursday NOTHING, unless typing away is a workout
  • Friday Another sneaked in 6 Mile Runs at 3 Incline, 8:39 pace. B Much better, a lot less humid. B Keeping my fingers crossed for a Bikram workout.
I have a local 10K at 11:40AM onB Saturday. B Last year I ran it in 51:30, so I’m curious what a few months of marathon training will do to my 10K speed. B It’ll be humid, but 6.2 miles takes a lot less time then 26.2 =)

It’s been gorgeous the past few days in Boston!

But sadly due to a certain time of year, I’ve been seeing very little of the outside world.

I don’t actually see client anymore, but I still have the same deadlines.

At least on late workdays I get to expense dinner from Red Lantern. B Duck Buns! B Soooo good!

The rest of my dinner that got consumed in 10 minutes. B Duck buns, Salmon roll, cucumber salmon roll. B I’m becoming a speed demon when it comes to eating! B All these tax forms make me hungry =)

Jack hopes everyone has a Happy Run week!

2012 SunTrust Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon Recap

On Saturday March 17th, 6:20 my alarm went off. I muttered a slur, rolled over and got up. 6:20 seemed to be a good compromise with a goal to leave the hotel at 7AM. My thoughts were; how much priming would a race require? If I wasn’t so nervous, I would have set my alarm for 6:40; if I didn’t have an insane fear of oversleeping.


I made a list the night before. Wake up, brush teeth, sports bra, tank top, running skirt, socks, (yes, I’m that paranoid; I take no chances in forgetting to wear pants), yoga underwear (a few runs I would forget and lets just say that hours of running and lacy thongs don’t make the greatest experience for those areas.), remove all jewelry, headphones, metrocard, black tea (I need caffeine, but coffee makes my tummy unhappy if I’m running), sunblock (weather report said it was going to hit 75), bodyglide (I have never ran in this outfit before and wasn’t sure how some things would rub me. I was not impressed with bodyglide at all and will say more on it later), and most importantly two Immodium pills (Not to be gross, but I wasn’t sure how those empanadas from this place that was only one level up from a street food cart; eaten the night before would make out on a 26 mile run, and they certainly did not seem to want to make their way out when I woke up (I tried and I know I’m gross)


I grabbed a full sized plain Pita Bread (secured the night before from Roti) to eat on the train. We made it out the house by 7Am and were set to arrive at the armory around 7:20. However, the metro decided to foil our plans. The train we were on broke down! We were stuck in a packed train full of runners for over 30 minutes. By the time i got out of the train it was 8:03. Tony went to bag check since we run at different paces. We made our goodbyes and I set out in search of the starting line. I knew Rock & Roll races were huge, I didn’t realize how huge… I was supposed to start in coral 4. I have never ran a race that had corals or this many runners. I was dumbstruck. There were 20 something corals, by the time I made it near the starting line coral 18 or something was starting. I was stuck in a swarm of slower runners. My body went into fight mode and I just felt the overwhelming need to get out of the crowd.


I don’t know what took over me; but I just had this overwhelming need to get past the crowd so I pushed myself forward. At mile 2 the first hill came and I cringed a bit inside. However, somehow by mile 6 or 7; I found the 3:40 pace group. That was probably that only thing that kept me from cringing as the hill at mile 6-7 was greater than expected. My ultimate desire to get away from the swarm of sweating runners propelled me forward.


I don’t remember which miles I drank water on. I know I tried Gatorade at one stop just to remind myself how nasty it is and stuck to water afterwards. I usually run 10-15 miles without water at home so during the race I only got water every third stop or so. However, when I do get water, I make a full stop, stand to the side and gulp it down before restarting my run. It takes a few extra seconds but is slightly more pleasant than running while drinking amist a sweat/drip of other runners.

Around mile 9, there was GU. I grabbed the first one I saw, some kind of orange flavor and took a small bit into my mouth. Not my favorite to say the least. My instinct was to spit it out (I don’t usually fuel on my run, I’m either hungry or not). I kept 1/3 of the pack in my mouth for it to slowly dissolved and chucked the rest of it to the side of the road. Around this time I decided it was a good idea to send some text messages/Facebook tweets while running.


I finished the half at 1:38:30 which is a new unofficial PR for me compared to my 1:40 finish before. Yes, there was a giant hill at mile 13 as the half marathoners were wrapping up. No, it was not fun.

After the split-off the crowd got sparser and I felt more at ease. Runkeeper tried to convince me I was at a 7:05 pace. Clearly wrong since it also told me that I was 14 miles in.

Around mile 15 was where I started to lose interest in running. However, I still felt strong. I’m not sure but I think I was kicking it with a 7:35 or so pace. It was around this point where I had this crazy idea I can catch up to Skinny Runner. I was starting to feel real modest about myself. The fact that RunKeeper kept trying to convince me I was at a 7:06 min pace didn’t help my modesty as all.

Then mile 20 hit. I was at 2:31:46. Images of BQ flashed through my brain in a happy dance. But little did I know, this is where the course ran out of places for us to run through. We started doing this random half mile runs just to come back that same half mile. We ran up and down stupid highway ramps. I wanted to die.


Lovely die face right there. At mile 21 there was a second Gu stop. This time I had a grape jelly one. I held onto it for about a mile, until I finally was able to force 1/3rd of the packet into my mouth. This one tasted much better, but still not that pleasant while running. The rest of the pack went to the trash.


Then mile 24 came. My legs, my body, my mind all decided they had enough. I hit the infamous WALL at the bottom of another giant rolling hill. I was sick of the crappy route, I was sick of the highway ramps, sick of the rap bands (I thought it was rock n roll, not rap marathon?) giving me migraines. I started compromising myself. Jog 3 minutes, walk 1 minute, walk up hill, sprint downhill. Somehow, the two miles came to an end and I started to see the finish line. I tried to sprint, but my legs refused to go faster. I also didn’t realize that marathon and half had their own finish line. There was no one around me and I was convinced I ran on the wrong side of the finish line!

Confused, ultimately confused and yet somehow I made it. When I crossed the line, the clock said 3:31 or something like that. Never did I imagine that I could run the fast. I later found out that my net time was 3:24:15. I felt out of my element in a good way!


Tony ran the half marathon which he enjoy. He finished in 1:58:37. His slowest time to date but still an awesome job for a nonrunner!


At the finish line they had fake Greek yogurt, bagels, bananas, apples, snickers marathon bras, some other organic granola bars and chocolate milk. Definitely enough food to feed your hunger. One tip, if you’re running with friends, pick a meeting spot before the race. The phone signals were jammed and I couldn’t make a single phone call in the area after the race.

Overall, if you ran the half, the course was a lot of fun. Hills are fun! For the first 13 miles… afterwards not so much. You run by the capital, brush against the Mall, hear some tunes, hear the crowd and are constantly in a rush of runners. The second half gets a bit rough but overall was still a good race in my book. If you’re interested here’s the course map and elevation chart. Although I think the elevation chart is very deceiving as sometimes you go through several rolling hills in one mile!

Course Map

Elevation Chart

If you’re curious what I did after the race or the day before the race, here’s some recaps.

Washington DC Day One
Washington DC Day 2 Post Marathon

Recovery Runs and Recap of DC day 2

Monday workout: 10 miles 9min pace 8.5 outside 1.5 on ghetto home treadmill easy slow & flat

How long to recover and yet not lose a day of training is the pondering on my mind. B Although I skipped my regular lunch treadmill run, I knew I wasn’t going to complete the day without a run. B My legs got really stiff from sitting at a desk all day and I knew a recovery run would be a prefect remedy.

I did my usual route that goes up and down on a very mild incline. B Although the rise in elevation felt easy and almost pleasant, even a mild decline re-awoke the muscle soreness in my quads. B I ran, and my muscles cringed! I started my run around 6:50PM and it started to get dark pretty quick after 7:30 so I picked up my pace more than I wanted to. The idea of being a 5ft tall girls while running on the side of the woods in the dark wasn’t too comforting and I wanted to get back on the city streets as soon as possible.

I called it quits around mile 8.5 and ran into my house due to nature call. B How I went a whole marathon without the need to pee (Not even once before the start) is still a mystery to me. B I knew I wanted to finish at a 10 mile (I’m OCD remember) so I wrapped up the final 1.5 on the ghetto home treadmill for a solid 10 as the cat watched me. B Majority of my legs and the rest of my body felt refreshed; however, my quads are still catching up.

Anyways, although I am still overdue for a race recap (my computer is still with my friend whose fixing it) I figured I’ll catch up on what I did after the race. B 26.2 miles of running wasn’t enough. B I had 26.2 more miles to cover. There was still a whole lot of sightseeing to do, and friends to see.

Race-Shower-Recovery Fuel

Lunch was classy and at the hotel as showered and rested our legs and inhaled subway footlongs.

Italian BMT footlong each for him and her. B I tried to convince my friends that compression socks and flip-flops should be a new trend, but they told me to change.

We passed by Chinatown. B I always love the gates!

We walked by two cool sculpture parks that close way too early (5pm) near the mall

I’m not touching him I promise. B His ear looks a bit infected too. B Rabbit you should have that looked at.

This house was super cool because its made of two pieces of cardboard but depending on which angle you look at, it has multiple dimensions.

We continued down the mall

We got lucky, the Cherry blossoms made their way out two weeks early and we got to enjoy the perks of its beauty.

We took a short break to enjoy the peace of life at the Tidal Basin.

However; hunger eventually roared and we decided to slowly wobble out for food.  After much debate we agreed on El Chalan; a Peruvian restaurant.

I have a deep love for Peruvian food after spending almost 3 weeks in Peru (Best travel trip ever)

We started with ceviche – Fish cooked in spiced lemon juices

And some Pisco Sours – a signature cocktail with Pisco (a liquor) lemon/lime and eggwhite with a small touch of cinnamon

I ordered Arroz la Chiclayana, chicken on the bone with rice cooked inB cilantro, peaces andB pimentosB


Tony orderedB Lomo Saltado

Good butB alpacaB tastes better than beef =)

While we ate, the girls got serenaded

Overall we all had a wonderful meal and if I ever came to DC again, I might be coming back to El Chalan.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel. We walked to complete our added miles of the day, got dressed into something sexy, I calmed my hair (flat iron <3) and we went out on the town for the night life. I’ll spare you the drinking photos but I assure you it was fun =)

Day one of DC!

This was written Friday march 16 but posted now

I would like to repeat how awesome it is to fly 90 minutes vs driving 8 hours! This whole flying vs being cheap and driving/busing thing is still new to me.

Tony and I are staying at the Westin via hotwire at DuPont Circle. Plus side; close to the metro and awesome bed. Down side; no free wireless!! I refuse to pay since I got data on my phone. I also feel its a bit silly to charge wifi in four star hotels. Had there been a holiday inn option I would have picked it for for the free wifi alone…. And Tony loves their free breakfast.


All I require are bleached white sheets and coffee… preferable one that doesn’t taste like charcoal, but sometimes you can’t be picky.


On another bright side is that DC Westin unlike other Westin experience has let us check in early at 10AM with no groveling on our part! After dropping of our stuff at the hotel, we booked it for the Race expo, got my number and swag in seconds since we got there before noon. The expo was packed to the rim by 12:30.

The expo was a little bit disappointing in comparison to how many people that attended, but I heard you shouldn’t expect too much from RnR ones. I might also be a bit cranky because I was given the wrong size shirt after asking the guy five times for a small. Then again I think I almost never get the size I check off on the registration box so not sure why I felt sad. prob because I liked the USA design. Oh well I did make it out with some samples :).


The best part was the Brooks carnival area. got a free Run Happy hobo hat and got to play skueball! It really doesn’t take much to make me happy 😉

After the expo we decided food would be a good idea since you can survive on coffee and gu chomp samples only so long. After some debate we decided on Roti Mediterranean Grill. Seems like a DC chain that we don’t have in Boston.

A grilled chicken pita sandwich for him.


A Mediterranean chunky chicken salad for her with a side of lemon chicken soap


The sandwich and salad were a good option and the grilled chicken was solid. I wouldn’t travel for it, but for 7 bucks each, it made a solid lunch for a day of walking. The soup; however, please avoid. It tastes like that butter lemon stuff you dip lobster in, only gross.

After lunch we originally planned on going to the spy museum but after finding out its $20 a person we decided to opt for one of the awesome free Smithsonian museums instead. The American Art Gallery was right across the street! It had a beautiful indoor courtyard!


It also had a video game exhibit that was fun!



These crazy things almost gave me an epileptic seizure!


What do you think these people are doing?


Playing video games! Stop thinking dirty things! They had Zelda, PACman, Mario and a few others set up and in the other room the faces of the video gamers were on display. Pretty funny!

One game I don’t remember was this; Maybe I’ll get an emulator for it.


As always, no day is complete without a giant chocolate espresso cookie from Firehook Bakery. It had meh Yelp Reviews, but I needed sugar urgently and this was nearby. Yelp reviewers be damned, I was pretty content with the cookie

It was raining, so stylin’s Geico hat for hair protection! Umbrella was one of things I decided not to pack last minute.

One museum wore me out so we relaxed a bit before V came to DC from NJ. Where we proceeded by getting empanadas at Julia’s Empanadas.


Haha love that random woman’s face behind me. Sorry kids, maybe I just wasn’t drunk enough, maybe it was just too early in the night for this type of food, but not impressed. Either way it was filling, and I guess I can’t complain about a 3.59 priced dinner. Even if it wasn’t the smartest day before a marathon fuel. The inside was yummy, the dough was not.


We then proceeded to walk over two miles to Georgetown and then over two miles back to hotel. Yes this is how I work and prep before race day. I eat crap and walk half a marathon.

While in Georgetown I ruined Tony’s iPad3 testing experience at the apple store. So he proceeded by drowning his sorrows in ice cream at Thomas Sweet. I may have assisted….


Overall lots if eating, lots of walking, lots of seeing. Can’t wait for the race tomorrow!

All onboard! Next stop DC

Please note this was written Friday March 16th at the airport but not posted until days later due to Internet

First I would like to brag how I made it to the airport from my house in 11 minutes, through TSA in 12 and to the gate in 6 for a total from house to plane in under 30 minutes! I guess this is one perk to early flights. Early wake up not so much…. Yes it was only 5:55 alarm and it was rough. I blame the boyfriend! Back in my single lady living in the city days I used to wake up at 5am, run, and be at work at 7am…. What happened to me… I guess chasing the cat around the house until midnight doesn’t help 😉

Or things like this:


Best part of travel is my excuse to support evil caffeine pushing entities 😉


I’m going to share a possibly unethical secret. Recently I noticed that Starbucks starting charging like 69 cents for soy milk New England and NYC ( for real how dare they). I think the surcharge is waved if you have one of those Starbucks frequency or membership cards. You could do that but I’m one of those mess in a purse people so the last thing I need is another card to carry and lose. However, if you ask for soy milk after they hand you the coffee they rarely charge you after you already paid. Personally I think it should be out with the regular dairy milk. I think it’s fair enough when I’m already paying 3 bucks for my ice coffee 🙂

Running recap Wednesday & Thursday
Wednesday 6 miles – incline 3 – 52 min 55 seconds – 6.8 average pace


Thursday 7.5 miles – incline 2 – approx 62 min – 7.2 average pace


I stopped the treadmill at 7 miles but decided that since this is my last run before The Marathon I should probably cool down.

I did a final foam roll


And finalized my decision that I’m going to race this Saturday, not just train tempo but race. Work has been getting busy and won’t improve much until the tax deadline. I’m at the peak of my training and taking a week off from training won’t ruin my ability to run Boston. I won’t have much time for more than an hour run except for weekends in the next few weeks. Since I’m at the peak of my training, I might as well make the best of it.

My ultimate goal is of course for a BQ (quite lofty for a first marathon) but my official goal is to finish. During my training runs I got down to an 8:10 pace on flat surface. I know I have the ability now to get it down to 8 minute mile. I went from 9 minute pace on long runs to 8:10 on my best run to date (I was a bit sore for a few days). However I know that most likely DC won’t be a BQ for a few reasons.

1. It’s going to be 75 degrees and all my long runs have been in 45 degree weather. My water needs will obviously be much greater as I’m used to running with no water break until mile 18 or so.
2. I’m traveling and my schedule is disrupted.
3. I am not tapering… Completely and I plan on being a tourist and waking around the day before the race
4. The course is hilly for the first 13 miles and the turns seem a bit confusing when I looked at the course map

Sometimes just knowing that something is in my future is enough so instead I’ve come up with a few more reasonable goals.

1. First goal is to have fun
2. Stay hydrated and wear sunblock ( I guess this is more of a reminder)
3. Try to give each band on the course at least a small listen ( I’ll have my music/podcasts on me; but it is a Rock and Roll marathon after all)
4. Finish under 4 hours ( I need a time goal)
5. Visit the panda at the zoo (okay not a marathon goal but a DC goal)


Packing for DC!

I’ve been internetless while traveling so I’m back tracking on updates. This was written March 15th, Thursday

My computer is currently being upgraded and reformatted by an (awesome) friend so I’m now typing on an iPad vs. my ghetto 5 year old laptop on 1 gig of ram. Good part is
iPad works much faster. Bad part is my typos have increased to an even higher level. I really am world’s worst typer.

So packing for DC I made a list edited more than twice


Things I ended up taking
1 Two technical T-shirts
2. Two cotton tank tops which I might actually run in because even if sweaty wet they feel lighter than the tech shirts
3. One running skirt
4. One running shorts
5. One sexy dress for going out Saturday
6. One pair of casual shorts
7. One pair of Asics
8. Three sports bras
9. Fours pairs of socks, just in case
10 Four pairs of undies
11. Imodium to take pre-run just in case
12. Snacks because I’m always hungry
13. Hair straightener and leave in conditioner
14. Bikini incase of pool
15. Day purse
16. Flip flops
17. Compression socks for flying

Things I removed
1. More food I didn’t need
2. Shampoo body wash etc. Westin’s supply is good enough as long as I have my leave in
3. Heels – no desire to torture feet that way
4. Plastic bottle for protein mixes
5. More clothes I didn’t need

I guess in the end I packed more than I would have for a normal weekend get away but everything fit into a duffle bag or I was wearing so packing success in my mind.

Are you a light packer? What must you always bring? For me it’s food, leave in conditioner and hair straightener.