Weekend Recap – or just Saturday since Sunday I just ran, a lot

YouB guessedB it, aside from myB Long Run on Sunday, I went to go see the Hunger Games on Saturday. B The theatre near my house has this awesome directors’ hall where for 2-3 extra bucks you get to select your seat in advance. B No only that, the seats are those fancy recliner chairs. B Almost as good as being in your own house!

No need to show up early, or stand in the ticket line, no teenagers and college drunks to battle for a seat. B There are some perks to not living in downtown Boston anymore!B In the movie theater they also have this swanky bar which we didn’t stop since we got to theB theaterB at 9:20 and the movie time was 9:15 (I start to skip half the previews). B I have to confess, when they showed the preview for theB TitanicB I teared, especially at the part where the ship is sinking and they show that old couple cuddling (just writing this makes my tear ducts wake up). B I asked Tony if he would see it with me, he said “Absolutely not.”

Overall, I think I enjoyed the Hunger Games but it’s hard to tell since movies never compare much to how awesome books are. B I also wasn’t a fan of how the movie replicated some themes and direction fromB Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, particularly the white suited peace keepers… B Not every futuristic movie needs to look like it was directed in Epcot in the 60s/70s.

Regardless, I’m still team Gail; Peeta is just too emo for my taste =)

Before the movies, I decided it was a good idea to eat my own weight in Indian Buffet. B Well Tony convinced me we should get Indian and that the buffet is moreB economicalB then me ordering a regular portion and just having leftovers.

And yes since it was buffet, I went up THREE times. B Luckily, the other two plates were vegetarian only so I didn’t feel completely like I was going to implode for too long. B I’m actually slightlyB surprisedB I didn’t pay a price on my 27 miler on Sunday. B Maybe my stomach is growing stronger just my legs are.

On Saturday before I stuff myself silly with curry; I kept busy. B In the morning I stopped by theB Multisport World Conference & ExpoB that was happening in Cambridge. B Overall, I was a bit boredB by the expo and ended up not even attending any of the seminars. B I haven’t reached the Triathlon phase ofB exerciseB addiction yet and everything there was too geared towards triathlon vs. just running. B I was really hoping to see some cute running tanks and skirts. B Instead I was met with wet-suits that I have no desire to wear, try, or buy unless I’m scuba-diving; in which case I rather rent and not deal with having to carry it on international flights. B The hoards of hippie 10 year olds with their Cambridge parents didn’t help my headache mood.

On the bright side since I was one of the first 1,000 registrants I walked out with a swag bag. B Aside from a crap-load of wasted trees in advertisements ofB triathlonsB hours and miles away (no I am not traveling to Montana from Boston to do a triathlon). I did walk out with some good things. B The main being some samples fromB Hammer NutritionB which includes a gel and a powder mix. B I’m excited to try them out after hearing some good things about them on myB Marathon Training Academy Podcast. B I also made it out with as many Vita Coconut Water Cartons as my paper bag can carry. B Hey those babies cost $2.50 a pop here at the store and we’re in a recession you know; B so I take what I can get for free ;). B I too, wanna be cool andB electrolytedB like the stars.

Dear companies; please give me free stuff; in return I will pose happily with your product. XoXo Liana.

On Saturday I also finished reading Girl Who Played with Fire. B

I made a 2012 resolution that I would read one book a month. B Audio books and magazines don’t count. B Since Saturday was March 31st, I pretty much had to meet that goal . B While reading it, I might have eaten half a bag of honey pretzels. B They say TV makes you eat mindlessly, those people clearly haven’t gotten engrossed in a book lately.

Similar, to Girl with Dragon Tattoo, not much happens in the book until the last 200 pages (out of 600+) and although I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as the first one in the trilogy, I would still recommend reading it. B It’s perfect for loud crowded train rides to help you drown out the masses in a different role. B I’m also enjoy the subtle or not so subtle gender issue theme presented in the book series. B I am now on a search for Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.B I’ll pay the man who sells random books on steps of Cambridge City Hall a visit one Sunday. B That’s where I found this book, so hopefully he’ll have the third book in his piles as well.

Have you read anything fun lately? B Have you read any of the books int he Girl with Dragon Tattoo series? B I’m slightly excited for the second movie. B I just googled images and I can’t wait!


Long runs and battling a constant mental wall

Today’s run 26.2 for 3 hrs 48 minutesB (8:43 B Average Pace) + 1 mile barefoot cool off on my treadmill at 5.6MPH pace for a total of 27.2 in 4 hours.

Time of run 10AM-2PM

Pre-run fuel – Two pieces of toast (from frozen bread) with butter and salt and two cups of black tea. B I didn’t do food shopping since I’ve been eating at work so no Pitas =( .

Run entertainment – Twilight on Audio Book, no music just audio book

I find my training runs a curious thing. B I’ve been trying to get more technical with my runs to improve me speed but my training run pace and my actual ability don’t make logical sense to me. B On races, I seem to be able to keep a 7:45 pace with still plenty of energy left after the finish line. B Don’t get me wrong, it hurts and sometimes my sinuses try to choke me but I’m manageable. B However, on training runs if i pick up my pace beyond 8:20 my legs feel like dead weight. B I think I have a mental wall against running fast on my long runs unless I’m racing. B I tried to trick myself that I’m only running 5 miles so speed up, then 5 more but my subconcious is too smart for my games. B Instead I just focus on getting in the miles.

My splits are all over the place. I think that has partly to with the fact that I train on a rolling hill trail with some busy streets for the first few and last few miles or maybe it’s because every few miles is a new mental battle.

As my training is coming to an end; my battles are becoming more mental than physical. B Whereas before I had to hold my knee to keep myself from falling over in pain; I now have to hold my head in place to keep myself from getting lazy.

At mile 2.6 B I rejoiced that I am 10% complete and I only have 10 sets of 2.6 miles left.

At mile 6B I rejoiced that I am 25% done not counting the 2 miles downward route that returns me home. B Straight downward 2 miles is a reward for the rolling little hills I run.

At mile 8B I rejoiced that I’m 1/3rd done (notice how my mine breaks everything up into fractions and percentages to make itB manageable) B Since I’ve been running for 4 miles on a running trail instead of streets with cars I am starting to actually enjoy myself.

At mile 13.1 I rejoiced that I am half way done, I am 1 hr and 45 minutes into my run and I feel great!

At mile 15, I’m bored again and decide I have 5 more before I get my Powerade break. B I decide to go for a mile or 2 off my regular concrete road and hill up an actual trail. B I have no regrets. B My love for today’s run is reborn again.

My pace hit 12 minutes because I took a few to enjoy theB serenity.

At mile 17 I remind myself that I only have 3 miles, less than 30 minutes before my “break” as I pop out of the woods and back on the concrete trail. B Goodbye woods! B I text Tony a photo to convince him we should take up trail running after my marathon.

Mile 20.2 I get my break. B I also realized that I can see salt in my sweat on my running skirt. B Charming. B I realize I’m more than a little dehydrated and salivate at the thought of a lemon lime Powerade (only sports drink I truly enjoy, no Gatorade for me not even on races unless I’m really desperate forB electrolytes.) B I run 4.5 miles loops around a lake that has an indoor skating ring with vending machines!! Score.

At mile 21, I remind myself that I only have 5 more miles left as I set out on a 4th but partial loop of my 4.5 mile trail not counting the 2 street miles to my house.

At mile 25 I realize I’m a half mile to short from reaching my 26.2 goal. B I feel tired and a big part of me wants to get over it and just go home. B However, my OCD part is slightly more stubborn as I loop around a few blocks around my house and end at an even 26.2.

At mile 26.2 after taking care of bathroom functions I cooled off with a barefoot very slow run/jog on my treadmill. B My cat learned a lesson today. B No matter how tempting my bare-feet look, its never a good idea to try to bite them as I’m running on the treadmill, even if its at what he thought was a slow pace.

While running I also get emails like this from Tony:

He seems to always have trouble with the cat when I’m out on a run (ie Jack dropping a vase of water and flowers on his computer). B I think its because he does things like this with him.

Jack in a box.

I hope everyone had a great training run this weekend!

Do you use any mental tricks for your long runs to get through the speed and distance?