How to run in 95 degree weather or just hot weather Part 2 of 2

In my last post I argued why running in blistering heat is good for you! In the second part I’ll talk about some tips I’m using or plan on using this summer.
They say in running all you need is a pair of shoes. B As I and every runner out there looks at their closet, we all know that’s not true. B Aside from vanity outfits and fancy watches, every drastic season requires its gear. B I think true fall and maybe spring (not that I know what spring is since Boston goes from snow to 95 degrees) are the only times of the year where I can take my sneakers, throw on any capri & shirt and just go running. B Summer; however, just like winter requires some extra thought before I head out.

Hot Weather Essentials – What I found I need to survive a hot run

1. Water Device – This is a must when it’s really hot. Some people stash water bottles or rely on water fountains but if it’s 95 degrees out there, you should play it safe and bring your own on you. They say you should drink at least 8 oz. of water every one to two hours on your run. Usually that means taking a sip here and there every 15-20 minutes for me. There are tons of options out there! My choice is a handheld. I like how it’s easy access to water at any moment. Only annoying part is I have to carry it.

This one on amazon seems pretty similar to mine. B I like to put my iphone in the side pocket and that works for me. Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 10-Ounce Hand-held Bottle. Tony on the other hand prefers his fanny pack like this Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack with Two 10-Ounce Nutrition Flasks one. I personally find them a little annoying to manage and the bottles bruises up my hips. Regardless,B get one that you find comfortable and you’ll use all the time. I saw a bunch of them at Marshalls for around the same price as Amazon so check them out there.

2. Electrolyte replacement – I hate to break it to you but no matter what you’re going to sweat and it’s going to be a lot. With the water bottle above you’ll be able to replace some of the water you sweat out but not electrolytes. If you’re going outside for just a 30 minutes run I think you should be okay. Again I’m no doctor or expert but that’s a small rule I follow for myself. For longer runs I use 1 nuun Active Hydration Drink tab.  I haven’t worked up to 20 milers in the summer yet but I think once I get up to that I might use 2 Nuun tabs by refilling my bottle on the second part of my run. They sell the single tubes at running expos for about $5 and running stores for like $6 a tube. My favorite flavor is the pink lemonade followed by the ice tea one. Some people also mix Gatorade or Powerade with water and take that on their runs. My stomach wants to punish me badly every time I go near Gatorade so it’s not for me but others enjoy it. Other suggestions I read was carrying pretzels or some salts packs on you. Play around with different things on your shorter runs until you find some electrolyte balancing method that works for you and use it!

3. Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock – Skin cancer is bad mmmkay…. wrinkles are even worse (jk, kinda haha). Either way for vanity or health wear at least SPF 15 pretty much everywhere. I just ordered Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 45 Twin Pack 3.0 Fl Oz from amazon to bring one bottle to my parents house because they have this theory that sunblock doesn’t expire and use some stuff they brought a decade ago. Speaking of which, sunblock expires! Don’t buy a Costco bulk unless you plan on using it all up in one season. While expired sunblock won’t hurt you, it won’t be protecting you either. B If you use coupon codeB SUN58965 on the amazon link you get an extra 20% off. I wear that stuff on my face too but I guess you can buy face specific sunblock as well… I have to admit though I’m one of those girls that in the winter, I decide that the SPF in my moisturizer and make-up is enough, but in the summer I don’t play that game. B Sunblock! Sunblock!

4. Great Socks – For the most part I can run in any type of sock and don’t have issues unless it’s hot and humid. Blisters suck! When it’s humid and hot there’s only so much moisture most socks can take. I know some people bring an extra pair and switch. B I hate carrying things so I try my hardest to avoid that. B I did find a pair by accident and so far a year later it has yet to fail me. I only have one pair and I only use it on race days and long runs when it’s above 80. I ordered ASICS Women’s Hera Quarter Running SocksB on amazon last year and didn’t realize that for $11.99 you only get one pair. However, after the 5 hour nightmare that was the Boston Marathon, I don’t regret it. In the winter I used these Thorlo Unisex Experia CoolMax Mini Crew Sock (I got them at Marshalls for half the price) but I find the thick bottom and top too hot for the summer. B Tony doesn’t have this issue but I guess I just sweat at ton more than the average human.

5. All your other clothes – I have to also confess, I like running in cute silly logos and quote cotton t-shirts and when I go to the gym for just a 5 mile run I still do; however, not for outside. instead when running outside in really hot weather, I look for light-colored, loose-fitting wicking running gear. Technical apparel will allow moisture to pass through them to be evaporated, keeping your cooler and your pores unclogged. Back acne will never be sexy. I buy these tech shirts at target in every colour when they become last season and become half the price. For bottoms as you call tell from my other post, I’ve become quite the fan of searching Marshalls for running skirts (except Fila, don’t get those, they’re funky sizing at Marshalls).

6. Other things that are highly recommended – Sunglasses I hear are comfortable and would probably prevent my eyes from being closed in every racing photo; however, I don’t own a pair and have no advice to give on which ones work. Hats are good too to cover up your dome. Sometimes, but not as often as I should, I wear this white cap I got somewhere. It’s something like this ASICS cap and really helps out on those days where there’s really no shade. Only advice I can give is make sure it’s white. I have a black one from the colder days and I can tell you one thing it’s not good for, reflect the sun.

Now that you have your clothes, socks and most importantly water with some electrolytes you’re ready to go outside!

Hot Weather Running Tips

1. Adjust your speed!B The American Running and Fitness Association recommends that on your first run in the heatB you should cut your intensity by 65 to 75 percent. Then over the next 10 days, slowly build back to your previous level. I’m not sure what that means but I know my race speed is about 7:35 min mile, my regular run speed on my own is 8:05 and when it’s hot I’ve been running between 8:30-8:45 and feeling the burn.

2. Plan Ahead – Make sure you have a way out if you don’t feel well or have a water stop around or store (bring cash). B Carry a water bottle as I mentioned above and I usually break up my runs into 2 smaller loops vs. 1 giant loop to be closer to home in case I need more water.

3. Don’t forget to drink. I know this is repetitive but by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

4. Acclimate yourself by working yourself up to long runs as you get used to the heat. It takes approximately two weeks of consistent running in the heat and humidity to acclimate to warmer conditions. Indications of dehydration include elevated heart rate during and after your run and dark, golden-colored urine. After your run, keep drinking fluids until your urine is clear. I know I can’t be the only runner out there whose favorite thing to do after a long run is to check out her pee.

Running in extreme weather is risky and while I highly advocate working through this obstacle you should still be careful and be aware of the risks involved. Marathon Guide has this cool chart that I am borrowing for this post.

Heat Stress Risk with Physical Activity
and/or Prolonged Exposure
90B0 – 105B0 Heat cramps or heat exhaustion possible
105B0 – 130B0 Heat cramps or heat exhaustion likely Heatstroke possible
130B0+ Heatstroke highly likely

Check the Heat Index Chart for apparent temperature. This is the number that calculates the air temperature with the relative humidity to determine what the temperature feels like and if there is a risk of a heat-related illness.

Marathon Guide lists theB followingB SIGNS OF HEAT-RELATED ILLNESS

Causes: Loss of electrolytes and accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.
Conditions: Muscle cramps and/or spasms, heavy sweating, normal body temperature.
Treatment: Drink water and sports drink, slow down, massage affected area.

Causes: Intense exercise in a hot, humid condition and loss of electrolytes.
Conditions: Profuse sweating, possible drop in blood pressure (less than 90 systolic, the top number), normal or slightly elevated body temperature, light-headedness, nausea, vomiting, decreased coordination, possible fainting.
Treatment: Rest in a cool place, drink water and sports drink, if BP drops below 90 systolic, call EMS, avoid activity for at least 24 hours, refrain from running or exercising in the heat for at least one week.

This is a medical emergency!
Causes: Intense exercise in a hot, humid condition, older age, dehydration, obesity, wearing heavy clothing, running in the heat when you have an infection or fever, certain drugs such as amphetamines, diuretics, beta blockers, cardiovascular disease, poor acclimatization, high blood pressure.
Conditions: High body temperature (106 or higher), lack of sweating characterized by dry, red skin, altered consciousness.
Treatment: Call EMS! Rest in a cool place, remove clothing to expose skin to air, apply ice packs or cool water to groin, underarms, neck (stop if shivering).

Other things of interest, while researching hot weather running I found this article from Running Times I though some might enjoy  Myths about running in the heat

That’s all the essentials that I can think of that I use, what are yours? Where do you get them? When I lived in Brooklyn or Somerville, I used to go to stores to buy things but after dating Tony, Amazon prime membership came with him so with free 2-day shipping I’ve become one of those Amazon ordering freaks.

What are your other tips for running in the heat? B Any advice and lessons from the run?

How to run in 95 degree weather or just hot weather… Part 1 of 2

Here’s the funny part about living in Boston;  When you tell people you train outside during the winter in negative degree snowbound weather, they don’t bat an eye but tell them you went running during 95 degree weather and suddenly you’re crazy. Although our heat wave is slowing down in Boston, summer is by no means over. The 2012 Boston Marathon proved that even in April you’re not safe from blasting hot weather. If it’s cold, you layer up but for heat? There’s a limit to how many layers you can take off…

I’ve heard of some useful tips on training during hot days, or more specifically working your hardest to avoid it.

– Run really early or later in the day to avoid the sun
– Check the weather for the week and adjust your runs to the cooler days
– Run on shaddy trails
– Take your run indoors

These are all good ideas and are good tips for starting out but in the words of Scott Jurek Sometimes You Just Do Things.” Sometimes you just need to train in the heat and there’s no avoiding it. Why?

1. As we learned during the 2012 Boston Marathon Nightmare, you can’t always pick your race day weather and races are rain or shine no matter how hot the shine is.
2. If you’re training for a fall race, summer running needs to be done. Or at least for me, if I don’t practice running, I can’t show up on a random day and run a marathon, sadly I’m just not that talented
3. You can’t always pick your day or time you work out when you have other responsibilities. I’m not an evening runner. If I run at night, I can’t sleep for hours so sunset runs are out. Also as a tiny gal, it’s not the most safest running decision I can make.
4. Studies show that heat training improves performance. One study done be in 2010 at the University of Oregon concluded that turning up the heat might be one of the best things for athletes competing in cool weather since Gu.

The researchers took 12 highly trained cyclists — 10 males and two females — before and after a 10-day heat acclimation program. Participants underwent physiological and performance tests under both hot and cool conditions. A separate control group of eight highly trained cyclists underwent testing and followed the same exercise regime in a cool environment.

The study found performance increases of approximately 7 percent after 10 heat acclimation exposures. “In terms of competitive cycling, 7 percent is a really big increase and could mean that cyclists could use this approach to improve their performance in cooler weather conditions,” said Lorenzo. However, the heat exposures must be in addition to the athletes’ normal training regimen.

Heat acclimation improves the body’s ability to control body temperature, improves sweating and increases blood flow through the skin, and expands blood volume allowing the heart to pump to more blood to muscles, organs and the skin as needed. You can read the full study here with all the technical jargon.

This will conclude part one of my two-part running in heat posts. I talked about why you shouldn’t skip your run just because it’s hot, next I’ll talk about some tips and some hot weather running essentials that I’ve picked up from my experience thus far!

Today I tried to implement the heat acclimation theory and was going to skip the treadmill to do some “heat training.” However it started to rain and I had nothing to protect my phone with. instead I went inside. Luckily for heat training purposes the Malden Y is 200 degrees. So I ran my 4 out of 5 miles there instead. Saturday and Sunday are 10 and a 13 miles for me this weekend as part of ultra training. Hopefully the thunderstorms will hide away in the morning!

I hope everyone has a runful weekend!

Running in 95 degree weather

Well for one I can’t say it’s the most fun I ever had but I didn’t give up.

11 miles 1:40 average pace of 9:05 which includes a 5 minute break of stopping by the house to refill on water and splash my face like crazy.

I kept a good 8:30 pace for the first 7 miles and after that… well it was the run 9 minutes walk 1 minute of getting myself to hit 11. B The heat just drained me. B Every time I stopped, sweat poured. B I guess that was some motivation to run. B If I ran, I didn’t feel the sweat.

I started the run at 6:15PM when I thought the weather would drop and wind would pick up. B No such luck. B Luckily I skipped my huge snack I have at 5Pm and only had fruit. B Had I had my yogurt andB granolaB before the run… well it might have been less pretty and sweat would not be the only thing I was dripping.

I knew water was essential. I also knew that I could notB finishB my run on just one bottle so I planned my route with a stop by home. B Sadly unlike the winter times, Flynn ice skating ring is closed and so is my usual water/bathroom stop. I used one Nuun tab (lemonade flavour) to keep someB electrolytesB and I think it worked great. B I got hot and tired but never dehydrated. B No horrible cramps like the ones I got from Gatorade during the Boston Marathon.

After the run it was finally time to refuel! B Best part about hot weather, I’m finally not cold. B Being cold is a common theme in my life and I’m usually too cold to have smoothie. However, not today!

Russian Green Smoothie – Plain Kefir, Baby Spinach, Frozen Mangos and cold water (I would have used ice but I had none). B I added some protein because I’m pretty sure I ate almost none today aside from my breakfast. B We’re a little behind on food shopping in the Run To Munch household.

Jack Agreed that it was way too hot for anything

The rest of the running week is going good so far.

Monday – 6.1 miles 54 minutes 8:51 pace at incline 3. B I could have pushed it faster but I felt I should take it easy after running 10 mile son Sat & Sun. B It was nice for a run to finally feel easy again, or maybe the treadmill incline is broken which happens often.

Tuesday- Cross training on the elliptical for 6.25 miles – 34 minutes. B I wanted a quick sprint afterwards so I did 2.32 in 19:23. B I did the class at the Y except it was like a 200 degrees in there so even the instructor didn’t really want to do anything other than sit in child pose. B I have a whole rant about how much the Malden Y sucks but I’ll save that for another time. B I have to confess though, I still haven’t swam once yet this summer since joining. B Even though I brought a swim cap and a speedo… B one day… one day.

I finally used my stove this week after living in the house for 2 weeks. There’s only so much leftovers and take out I could live off.

Masala arugula & veggies with rice and beans for meatless Monday. B It might not be Julia Child, but I love my arugula.



Sunday Runday – Week 1 of Maybe 50K Training

First of all, Happy Father’s day to the man who made me who I am today and to all great fathers in the world. B I’m very fortunate to have grown up and been surrounded by some very wonderful men in my life. B Sadly, I do not get to see either of the two father figures in my life on this day or often. B My grandfather passed away a few years ago and I miss him dearly. B Because I just moved and have been unpacking for a week I didn’t get a chance to go to NY to visit my parents but I hope to go down soon and visit them in the next few weekends.

If you’re on DailyMile, you’d notice I’m back on the running juice! B I am doing more cross training and more stretching, some ART therapy but for the most part I notice very little difference between running and not running for my tightB piriformisB muscle. B That does not mean that the 10 days off were a waste. B It gave my legs a nd knees some much-needed time off. B It also allowed me to reset my training cycle. B I have a few marathons coming up in the fall but I think ultimately I’m going to train for a 50K. B Not sure which one yet, but I’ve noticed I’m much better training for distance instead of speed so I always seem to get injured when I try to go fast. B Although I’m a forefoot runner, I’m still a very clumsy runner who always bouncing from side to side and yet somehow manages to not fall. B If I had to make a bet on the first runner to trip over her own feet, I would bet its me. B In fact there have been plenty of times on training runs where I somehow managed to kick myself while running on windy days. B The ART doc told me my hips are misaligned and maybe that’s part of it. B Hopefully as I work some more on strength, I can become a more balanced individual (no pun intended).

Its Sunday and this concludes what I’ll consider my first week back in training. B Just because it’s a regular Runday, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up.

My next race is RnR half in Providence and I wanted to test out my racing outfit I got this week. B Best (or maybe worst?) part, it cost me around $50. B Let’s face it, running trends like all others can add up pretty fast and I confess I’m a tool like all others to cute pinks objects. B Running accessories are no exceptions. B I tried to hold back but I finally caved it.

Target Tech Shirt $7 on sale

Marshalls Running Skirt with a zipper pocket in the back $14B I got this on Friday as I hunt down all running skirts except FILA that come in size XS so if you’re interested in one go and get one fast as I never see the same things there twice. B Only exception is FILA skirts because they suck! B I haven’t run in one but I tried on 3 and they already felt uncomfortable before I even started running. B At least in my humble opinion.

Zensah Calf Sleeves $34 as they were 20% off this week at City Sports. B I know I shouldn’t have but I just could not resist. B Perfect for those slightly cool days like today.

So a backwards recap of week 1 of training:

Sunday Run

Total Mile Ran today 10.52 – Outside – 2 podcasts (Running with the Pack & Jillian Michaels) worth!

Total Time 1:28:50 Average Pace 8:27

I stayed on the usual paved road that runs along the fells and did two loops. B It was hot and part of me wanted to stop after my first one and call it a day. B I was running with a full bottle of water to hydrate (Nunn tab for taste and electrolytes). B With the exception of slower start and ending miles, my middle miles were at aB consistentB 8 minute pace. B I’m using the runkeeper couch that I have set to 7:30 my goal race time. B I don’t expect to be running at that speed and to be honest when I first went running I was only targeting a 9 minute mile but wasB pleasantlyB surprisedB that with no stronger effort I was down to 8:30. B I think hearing how far I am off pace from my ultimate goal is just a good reminder to me of my long-term plan.

Saturday Run

Total Miles Ran 10:55 Outside through hills, roads, some trails in the Fells and 7 miles of it were with Tony.

Total Time 1:43 Average Pace 9:46B

I was only going to do 8 miles but Tony and I ran at a fairly easy pace that I just felt like I wanted to stay out a bit longer in the amazing weather we had. B Good thing I did because after I got back, mother nature turned cold and cloudy! B I also caved in and brought a pair of compression shorts and yes they’re totally worth it if you have misaligned hips where you flutter side to side. B This kept me all up and centered. B Maybe it’s just my jiggly butt that makes me run silly.

Friday Run

No Run had an ART appointment instead.


7 miles on the Elliptical, 1.5 miles to the Y & back jog. B I felt sore from Wednesday’s run. B I did the hour-long senior citizens sculpt class at the Y. B I think I’m the only young person there but it’s better than nothing. B Otherwise the only lifting I get is picking up some heavy bricks ofB chocolateB pounders from Trader Joe’s. B Either war I enjoy the more relaxed easy-going environment and am adding the Tue/Thurs class to my training cross training schedule.

Wednesday Run

I didn’t know what to expect from this run. B This was my first longish run on the treadmill in a while. B I had a plan B to quit at 8 miles but I roughed it out for 10! I did the first 8 on incline 3 and the last 2 in a super slow walk/run routine on incline 2. B I still believe that running on incline helps me be faster on pavement. B It did feel good to be rebounding with the old treadmill I saw so much of during March.ues

Totals Miles 10.03

Total Time 1:33 Average Pace 9:11B


Total Miles 4.5 I don’t have the total time or pace as I felt so angry about just being too exhausted to run. B I just moved and was running on 5 hours of sleep. B Lack of sleep = dead legs. B I debated for a while about skipping the Y class but I really had no excuse so I sucked it up, went and felt much better and stronger. B I can almost do 2 big girl push ups.

Monday Run

First day of the week… First day with lack of sleep. B Living on a street with more trees is nice. B Living on a street with birds waking you up at 4AM is a lot less pleasant. B I’m adjusting but Monday was rough.

Totals Miles 6.1

Total Time 55 minutes Average Pace 9? I don’t remember the incline, might have been 2 or 3. B I didn’t run last weekend due to moving so i felt happy for the run.

In summary, 42 miles for my first week back… Not bad. B I feel okay and pretty good since before I took a small break I was running 60-70 a week. B Since my intermission hasn’t been too long I’m following the approach of 20%B mileageB increase until I’m at 55-60 and then possibly 10%. B I need to have a strong base by September 15 as that’s when I’ll be working weekends and running will have to be drastically cut back on the weekdays. B I’ll resume mileage after October 15th to wrap up final training for Philly Marathon before a one week taper of the Weekend of November 18th. B Rough draft of the plan so far. B It’s in my head, now I just need to get it down on paper.

I think for week 2 I’llB targetB 48 miles.

Scott Jurek; Eat & Run; Vegetarian dining

On Wednesday (of last week) I got to attend Scott Jurek’s Boston book tour stop at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square. B If you readB Born to Run, you may remember him as the hero of the book. The short discussion on Wednesday introduced him a little more while promoting his new bookB Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness. B

Check out the trailer below!

Scott gave all aspiring runners hope as he described his younger self as scrawny and B ” shy kid with high blood pressure.b However, what we know of him is just the opposite! B Over the course of his nearly 20-year career, Jurek hasB won some of the worldbs biggest and toughest ultramarathons, starting withB seven consecutive victoriesB at theB Western StatesB Endurance Run, a 100-mile trail race in northern California he dominated from 1999-2005. Hebs broken the tape in the mountainous Hardrock 100,B twice wonB the 135-mileB Badwater Ultramarathon, andB found victoryB three consecutive yearsB at theB 152-mile Spartathlon. In 2010, he set a new American record forB 24 hours, covering 165.7 milesB in the IAU-IAAF World Championships in France! B Aside from being an amazing endurance athlete, Scott is also Vegan.

The event was sold out as people even with tickets had to stand. B The discussion was fairly interesting as Scott would tell small anecdotes about this life, races, and friends while Christopher McDougall would take lead of the discussion and remind Scott he’s there to also promote his book.

B Watching those two made me wonder if I’m just too short to be running Ultras. B I could sit here and write-up some of the stories Scott told us but Runner’s World has an excerpt from his book that will do much better justice then my poorly written typos. B Basically Scott told us he wanted to write a nutrition book and a running book but could only write one for the timing being so this is the mixed child of book. Go read the excerpt on Runner’s World! B Eat Vegan & Run.

After the discussion there was a quick book signing. B I brought Scott’s book and then waited like a groupie for an autograph. B I added Tony’s name to the autograph because I figured if I include his name in enough running related things he’ll do a marathon with me eventually.

By the time all was done, it was dinner time. B My friend Lynn and I felt so inspired by Scott that we decided we must eat vegetarianB tonight. B Thanks to my trusty Yelp app, I found Veggie Planet right in the heart of Harvard Square.

Unlike other vegetarianB places I’ve been to this place had tons of options! B We scanned the menu and wanted everything. B However, decisions had to be made because we were just too hungry to think. B Luckily there was a combo option; soup or salad with half a dish. B I got the salad of the day and Lynn got the soup of the day.

ScottB JurekB would have been proud of the quinoa in my salad!

BBQ seitan on top &B B roasted butternut squash, caramelized onions, rosemary & sage, goat cheese and AsiagoB cheese on the bottom; both with coconut rice. B Yes, those are their half portions.

I introduced Lynn to my love ofB awkward Iphone food photos.

The Boston Food Truck Festival Review

Through Yelp Elite I was able to get 2 complimentary VIP tickets to the Boston Food Truck Festival. B The VIP tickets gave me 1 hours head start on the crowd of eating and a goodie bag. B Basically the festival was supposed to be an eating frenzy of almost 30 New England Food Trucks. B Needless to say my taste buds and tummy were excited for days!

Sadly a few things went wrong, it was moving weekend so I missed my VIP hour and did not get to UMASS Boston until 12:30. B Upon getting there it was an hour bottleneck nightmare to park. B You couldn’t even change your mind and just go home because it was a one way road.

Will we ever move?

Once we finally parked it was around 1PM and the lines were getting crazy! B I heard that between Groupon, Travelzoo, & regular tickets over 3,000 tickets were sold for a festival that only had like 25-30 trucks!

Once I got my booklet of tickets I got my game face on and stood on line to Lobsta Love. It was about a 30 minute wait so Tony left me to stand online for brick oven pizza. B Just like road races when it comes to food, each one of us is on our own. B Can’t you tell we’re quite the loving couple!

It’s okay because he gave me his ticket and I scored some Lobster Bisque and Lobster mac & cheese. B The mac & cheese was amazing. B fresh lobster, some herbs and light on creamy cheese!

We found our friends on the Chubby Chickpea line so we gave them our tickets and they got us some hummus and falafal. B It was okay, not my favorite. B I like my humus a little less gritty and more blended. B I didn’t like the falafal at all. B After going to Israel, all falafals have been disappointing ever since.

While my friends stood online to Chubby Chickpea I attempted to get some ribs. B Sadly by 1:30PMB Big Moe’s M&M Ribs B not only ran out of their ribs but also of the Mac n Cheese. B All that was left was BBQ beans. B I passed but I think Tony sort of enjoyed them.B

Next stop we hit up Bon Me. B These people were great! B They had 5 people in the truck with a super fast assembly time. B Total wait time was 15-20 minutes. B Plus they were the most happiest food servers at the whole festival! B We got a cilantro Chicken and BBQ Pork sandwiches. B I too ate half of Tony’s and both were great!

While we zoomed past our line, our friends waited in the Go Fish! truck line. B That was super slow and took 3 times as long. B However, the food was great! B They got us a smoked Cod and Chorizo Slider. B Good stuff!

Tony wasn’t feeling well so I had to eat for two at this food truck stop as well. B Luckily it was pretty darn good and I had no complaints whatsoever.

By 2:30 we were getting ready to go. B I grabbed a watermelon/lemonB ItalianB ice from some truck I forgot. B What I really wanted was an Ice Cream Hoagie from Frozen HoagiesB . B However by then most food trucks ran out of food and everyone was on that line that it went around the whole field and came back out again. B No ice cream is worth a 2 hour wait. B Especially when I can pay to not wait any more. B So we called it quits.

However on my way out I noticed that Grill Cheese Nation had a short line so I stood there for 5 minutes and got something for the road back home.

B Sadly it wasn’t very good. B I mixed them up with Roxy’s grilled cheese from the Food Truck show so I’ll have to B not make that same mistake again.

Overall I think given the crowd insanity, the Food Trucks did a great job. B I do blame the organizers for getting greedy, overpricing their tickets and then having to oversell them on deal sites like Groupon. B I thought the portions were huge and for the most part delicious. B I wish I came earlier to try out a few more trucks but I’ll just have to find them around Boston on another day.

FTFNE made a public response to the anger and frustration that many people felt on Sunday. B You can read it here. B I personally find their response ridiculous. B Instead of admitting maybe they oversold tickets; they seem to be blaming the food trucks. B I don’t think the festival had more than 5,000 people as they claim. B There just wasn’t enough parking and most people drove there. B I also find it odd that they asked each truck to have 1,000 portions when they sold 4,000 tickets. B If its all you can eat that you’re paying for, people will eat more than just 2-3 samples. B Numbers are just not adding up! B Yes, there were a fewB scavengersB gaming the system but for the most part, I saw people with stamps and a booklet looked sad and frustrated.

They also seem to be blaming the people who traded tickets with their friends so they didn’t have to stand on a line twice. B I would haveB preferredB to grab a few samples from the truck and sit down by the water harbor and eat and hang out with my friends. B I did not go to the festival with the intention ofB standingB on separate lines from my friends with their tickets but that’s just what we had to do to maximize how much tasting we could do with all the people there. B Instead most of my eating was done on a line and most of my friend seeing was done in the food/ticket exchange system we got going.

I hope they’ll make some improvements for the rest of the stops on the tour. B If long lines don’t bother you here are the details.

Participating Trucks Include:
Away CafC) B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B Franca’s Wood Fired Pizza
BBQ Smith B B B B B B B B B B B B B B Go Fish!
Big Moe’s M&M Ribs B B B B B B Grilled Cheese Nation
Bite into Maine B B B B B B B B B B B Lefty’s Silver Cart
Bon Me B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B Lobsta Love
Boston Super Dog B B B B B B B Mei Mei Street Kitchen
The Chicken & Rice Guys B Momogoose
Chubby Chickpea B B B B B B B B Rocket Fine Street Food
Cupcake Mojo B B B B B B B B B B B Roxy’s Grilled Cheese
Del’s Lemonade B B B B B B B B B Staff Meal
The Dining Car B B B B B B B B B B Sweet Truck
Emack & Bolio’s B B B B B B B B B Trolley Dogs
Frozen Hoagies B B B B B B B B B B Woodman’s of Essex

* VIP Tickets B B B B B B B B B B B $40/each B (limited quantity, $45 day-of)
* General Admission B B B $30/each ($35 day-of)
* Foodie Four Pack B B B B B $25/each with the purchase of four tickets ($100 for four pack)
* Children 6 -12 B B B B B B B B $10/each
* Children 5 and under B FREE


June 16 b The Charlestown Food Truck Festival at Pier 4, Charlestown, MA
June 30 b The New Hampshire Food Truck Festival at Rockingham Park, Salem, NH
July 14 b The Worcester Food Truck Festival at Elm Park, Worcester, MA
July 28 b The Charles River Food Truck Festival at DCRbs Artesani Herter Park, Brighton, MA
August 25 b The Cape Cod Food Truck Festival at Barnstable Fairgrounds, Falmouth, MA
September 8 b The Lowell Food Truck Festival at the Tsongas Center, Lowell, MA
September 22 b The Suffolk Downs Food Truck Festival, East Boston, MA
September 29 b The Shipyard Food Truck Festival, Hingham (Shipyard), MA
October 6 b The Framingham Food Truck Festival at Shoppers World, Framingham, MA
October 20 b The Newport Food Truck Festival at the Newport Yachting Center, Newport, RI

Moving and dining on Sri-Lankan yummies

I’ve been off topic in the Run to Munch world. B Well not off topic, still munching just not running. B On Monday I saw the ART/(Active Release Technique) doctor. B I get all my information even medical from Wikipedia so here’s what I learned. But basically after enough poking & pulling B I left the doctor’s office a little sore but feeling great! B I was too busy to test out my legs/butt on Tuesday but on Wednesday and Thursday I had two great runs!

They were slow runs but after 10 days of not running I was just happy to be back on my trusty semi rusty treadmill. B I pounded 6.7 miles on Wednesday and 8 on Thursday both at or just below 9 minute miles.

Then Friday came and my left butt/leg felt tight and wrong again. B It’s not painB per sayB but a dull ache has returned. B I did have a follow-up appoint where some more poking and pulling went on and I felt better. He showed me some more stretches that made me realize just how much more tight my left hip is compared to my right hip. B That probably explains why I’m always gettingB injuredB in that area. B I pulled my hipflexor before in boxing so injuries in that area seem to be a constant theme. B Parts of it are from sitting at a desk all day and then going to intense bursts of activity. B Or doing intense bursts of activity and then sitting all day.

I actually haven’t been too depressed about the lack of running because I’ve been super busy with trying to figure out how to pack. B Packing sucks! B The only thing worst then packing was is going to be unpacking!

On Thursday we learned how to change our own locks!

Total savings so far $500. B Why are locksmiths so expensive?

Saturday was moving day where we had help from some cool kids! B Most important object moved?

Why? B Because he’s carrying some very important cargo!

Jack did his part in the packing insanity…

He kept guard of my purses!

After the boys and girl helped us move all our crap from one home to the new home, we took them out for food. B It was the least we could do after all the furniture and misc boxes of stuff we probably don’t really need that they helped us move. B Tony and I wanted to take them somewhere thatB exemplifiesB Malden’s diversity and the growing food “scene.” B We picked outB BIRYANI PARKB .

Biryani Park prides itself on cooking healthy, authentic cuisine prepared with the freshest, top quality, organic ingredients. B According to the Malden Patch, Pramilla Mathews describes the preparations as bhealthy and straight from the heartb. B At first bite you can tell that Pramilla, a Sri Lankan native and her chef, South Indian Veeramuchu Managati have prepared each dish with care and love.B The cuisines of Sri Lanka and Southern India tend to offer food that is gently steamed, rather than cooked in Ghee (clarified butter) found in much of Northern Indian cooking, It is redolent with savory, aromatic spice blends, coconut milk, and often features fresh seafood.B These cuisines are also renowned for their treatment of vegetables; it is a healthful and balanced cuisine. B Great for both full-time, part-time and semiB vegetariansB like me.

When you first walk in you feel like you left Malden and walked into someone’s kitchen in another country. The tables, random pieces of furniture and the TV playing Indian music with a radio playing elsewhere don’t seem like it would go together. B Yet somehow everything works! B We sat down in a round table with a party of 6. B Pramilla came over and asked us if we wanted any of the dishes explained. B We asked a few questions and quickly got to studying the menu. B The options were endless but decisions had to be made!

We ordered a ton of food! B Mango lassis were an immediate start. B It was 4:30 PM and aside from eating donuts (best donuts ever though from Donut Villa) all day and moving, we were starved. B As an appetizer we got the Samosa Chaat.

AB B sweet and spicy chaat made with a delicate mix of samosas, chickpeas, yogurt, mint and tamarind sauce, garnished with our fresh herbs and spices. B We passed this bad boy around a table of 6 people and it worked out pretty good.

For entrees we made a slight mistake. B We ordered too much! B As American diners we’re not used to ordering family style so when we order an entree we expect the portions to be only big enough for 1 person or 1.5 at most. B We did not expect each dish to be able to feed 2-3 people! B Pramilla tried to warn us but I think we were too tired to be smart enough to understand.

Here is an example of one dish we ordered. B It’s a veggie dish with one cabbage curry, one pumpkin curry, lentils, okra, rice, couscous and the chip thing on top. B It was my favorite thing ordered!

Other things ordered include Chicken Vindoloo, Curry Chicken, a meat version of the curry platter and I’m sure a few things I’m forgetting. B No photos because I was too busy stuffing my face but I promise they were just as blog worthy. We did eat family style passing eat plate around the table. B At the end we had enough leftovers to feed 3 people.

OverallB BIRYANI PARKB B was a great experience. B Tony and I plan on returning there to try out more dishes from there extensive menu. B For those interested in price our total came out to approx $20 per person but that’s because we each had a lassi or fresh squeeze juice ($2.99) and an entree. B You can probably ordered in a smarter way with 1 entree for each 2 people and end up with a total of $13-$15 per person and still have some leftovers.