50 Miler Training Week 7

After the snow and the lack of running in Week 6,  I was anxious for week 7 to begin.  I didn’t know how hard or easy to go but I also didn’t want to miss out on a week of training so close to my marathon.  You’ll notice that I stopped tracking the speed and incline in my runs because I didn’t want to make the miles harder but I wanted them done.  For some people planning makes them calm while for me a plan will cause anxiety so I just went in with a desire to run as much as I can without pain with no target speed or incline.

Monday – 11 Miles
I was nervous but I woke up at 6:30 for a short and quick shake out run before work.  I figured the morning would tell if my knee felt better or worse or if running had no impact on it.  I went pretty slow and had to stop a few times to catch my breath on what I thought was a slow run.  I guess I’m just not a morning person.  The knee felt better after a weekend of rest and I decided I was good for a few extra miles after work.  Got 7 miles done in the PM for a total of 11.  I also started using a new pair of Mizunos in case old shoes were causing the knee irk.

Tuesday – 6 Miles
Ran for 50 minutes at what seems fairly easy going pace during lunch.

Wednesday – 4 Miles + 9 Elliptical Miles
I did 4 miles in 33 minutes in the morning and it fell easier than Monday but these morning runs are rough!  I really look for any excuse to go back and sleep a little longer.  I did 9 minutes on the elliptical because I wanted to get more of a cardio workout but thought it would be best if my knees skipped the beating.   Elliptical intervals – 13 Incline 7 Resistance + 10 Incline 10 Resistance.  I didn’t have a time goal but after 9 miles I was too bored to go on!

Thursday – 6.2 Miles
54 Minutes and for the first time in two weeks I barely felt any weirdness in my knees from running!  I squealed with joy after my run and got some weird looks but they already think I’m crazy so no one thought too much of it at the gym.

Friday – 7.5 Miles
I ran outside!  I ran outside! The weather hit high 40s, it was sunny, and I was runny, happy place completely reached.  I ran an odd mix of 7:30 and 8:00 minute miles along the Charles River Esplanade for a total of 7.5 miles during lunch and took what was to be the quickest shower of my life to get back to work.  I even wore my Boston Marathon shirt for an extra motivation on the run!

Saturday – 13.1 Miles
I was supposed to do 20 miles on Saturday but with 5 inches of snow and no desire to slip and slide for hours I gave myself enough excuses to not make it outside.  I finally convinced myself to get on my home treadmill and with a little help from Dr. Who on Netflix I ran 10 Miles and decided maybe I could force 3 more out for a little half marathon action.  It’s not 20 miles but I did it on incline 3 and I felt good afterwards.  I don’t have the most high end treadmill so I worry about the impact it has on my body if I run too long on it.  Impact always feels a little weak so outside would have been preferred for longer runs.

Sunday – Cardio Rest – 20 Minutes of Core


I didn’t run but I did the two 10 minute cardio sets in this DVD for 20 minutes of core action.

Total Miles 47.8 Miles!

Total Feelings – I feel a little disappointed by the distance but it is what it is.

On a side note: As you can tell I’m a big fan of running twice a day since with so much coldness and darkness I don’t feel comfortable doing it all before or after work. Check out this article on pros and cons of doing double runs , my favorite, on Runner’s world!

2 thoughts on “50 Miler Training Week 7”

  1. Just when I thought that spring was around the corner we got a nice dusting of snow yesterday. This winter has seemed really long to me for some reason. I am lucky to have my TM, but I really want to be able to run outside more. I can’t wait for it to be lighter out at night so I can go right after work.

    Glad that your knee is feeling better. Sounds like it just wanted some extra rest days. 🙂

  2. Good for you! There are some cons to doubles, but it is still good to get in the miles and a bit less stressful on the body in some ways.

    Love the Boston shirt! Great motivation 🙂 Also, so nice to get outdoors when you can. Spring has to be just around the corner, no?

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