Relaxing & Saucony Panel event.

I’ve been taking it easy as the final days of tapering are coming in.

Thursday final 6 miles at an easy pace in 51 minutes

Friday I decided my legs felt tired and decided to opt for a 10 mile elliptical session in 55 minutes.

After work I hit up the Saucony Running Panel I mentioned before. B It was pretty inspiring to hear other runners and their stories.

There was a beautiful video montage dedicated toB B Caballo Blanco (Micah True) B with some words from Ultra Marathoner Luis Escobar.

Afterwards Mark Herzlick of NY Giants told us how he found his strong through running

Followed by Karen Smyers, a triathlete told her story. Voted most likely to get eaten by a shark by Sport’s Illustrated, B she was quite adorable and cute. B I think she might be more accident prone then me!

Bill Rodgers followed Karen. B I think he had a mild ADD attack. B He was originally going to give us tips on finishing the marathon but instead told us all the times and places he DNF on the course. B I guess it was comforting to hear that even Boston Marathon winners and Olympic qualifiers sometimes just call it quits.

A very short Q&A

Afterwards the main event opened up.

The event was calledB Find your StrongB and I personally find all my strong at the bottom of a wine glass or three.

Followed by a visit to the coolest bathroom ever:

My parents are visiting with their dog so we had a situation:

Jack meet Rocky, Rocky meet Jack… please be friends.

Do you have pets? B Cats? Dogs? Both?

2 thoughts on “Relaxing & Saucony Panel event.”

    1. I do! I love their campaign. I won a pair a sneakers through the find your strong campaign (not the new ones) so it’ll be interesting to test out a non-Asics shoe.

      Her video is super cool, cool enough that I almost brought pink arm warmers yesterday until I realized that’s that last thing I need to 88 degree weather.

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