Smoked Salmon Open Face Sandwiches and House Warming Party

Open Face smoked salmon with dill and green onion on top of cream cheese pumpernickel bread! 

I had my housewarming party on Saturday.  The plan was to clean and do food shopping on Friday to be more relaxed on Saturday morning but then:

and this:

Where by the time we got home, only cleaning prepping we were doing was our face against the pillows.

Somehow I did get my things together and prepped two pitchers of Sangria. an Italian pasta salad and some random beer and munchies.  My theory is if you give people enough alcohol they won’t care too much about what you fed them.  I covered the food to protect from Jack but I guess I’m too cool to remove it from photos.

I was in love with the pasta salad.  I followed this super easy recipe and will probably be making it now for every party I ever have because I lack originality or major cooking skills.  I did have two minor changes. I only used half a red onion and then a few things of green onion instead but I didn’t want onion burps.  I also only drizzled the Parmesan cheese on top and left it instead as a side for people to add to their heart’s content.

The Sangria Recipe was from a friend and it was awesome!  I did use 1/3 of the rum in the recipe because I planned on drinking lots of it and I did not want to pass out before everyone left.

A friend also brought over the best cake ever:

The cake was from Konditormeiser and made my Carvel birthday cake I got for Tony look pretty pathetic!  Mnn cake… guess what I’ll be eating all week!

After the house warming party we celebrated a birthday or two!

6th Annual birthday of winning!

And yes we stay classy here with tequila lemon slush.  It’s how you rock things New England summer style.

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