Cavities = Rest Days

Total Miles – 14

6.5 TM in 54 minutes – 8:21 Pace Incline 2 – RUNCH

7.5 outside 67 minutes – 8:58 Pace – Post Work

Wanted to run faster after work but the humid air really made me work to suck some air in.  Also ran without a water bottle and got a bit thirsty but still happy it’s done.

Getting excited for Providence, well with the exception of this forecast

Dear weather gods, I got water fire to see and miles to run and I need to have my hair look good for both so please don’t rain or be humid or any of that “icky” stuff.

After 20 miles on Monday… Tuesday was a rest day but not because I was tired or sore or busy but because I got drugged for 5 hours with Novocaine.  I had to get a filling (I swear I’ll never touch another M&M again) and you know how after you leave all traumatized by the sound of the drill and they tell you that you should be good in an hour?  Well first my face was so numb almost up to my eyeball!  Then I waited an hour… still numb past my nose… waited another hour as I got dizzy with hunger… waited 2 more hours… I’m ready to eat my own face except I was afraid of breaking my mouth since it was still completely numb.  Finally 5 hours later past 6PM I stopped feeling drugged and was able to eat/slurp some food.  I rejoiced and squealed with joy as I was getting delirious.  Marathon runners don’t do too well when they can’t eat for more than an hour… Try 9 hours (Last time I ate was 9AM) and we’re ready to kill someone..

Rest of the week plan is 11 miles before Sunday’s race and some more prays for rain to go away.  Last year I hear it poured like crazy, so lets not make this into a pattern Providence!

And I’m working on a few fun posts, but have been too drained with my day job, running and hot weather.  Hopefully once things cool off I can write something a little exciting then how much I hate summer running =).

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