Dining at Aragosta

Friday Run 6.5 miles on TM at Incline 2 in 53 min 30 seconds for an average 8:13 pace.

Maybe it was because I was happy that it was Friday or the rest day on Thursday but the run felt comfortable and almost relaxing.

Dining at Aragosta

On Friday night we went out to dinner at Aragosta Bar & Bistro with friends.  I was a bit apprehensive since Yelpers seem to find the place disappointing and I tend to be part of the Yelping opinions.  However, our food was great.  It was the last day of restaurant week where fancy three course dinners only set you back $33… that is until you buy a $15 drink!  Although I don’t consider $33 for dinner a cheap meal, it’s always nice to get dressed up and dine in fancy establishments. Although there was no photographic evidence of me, I swear I own other clothes beyond running type!

The resturant is located on one of the newly built wharfs on the waterfront of the North End.  We sat in their outside patio area where a comfortable breeze was coming off the ocean.  The patio and restaurant was nice but I’m not sure I love these new developments since they all look the same.

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However, I guess cookie cutter “luxury” building developments are better than abandoned old industrial zones with rape alleys.

Anyways back to dinner!

The flatbread pizza was delicious!  Although when its bread, tomato and cheese ever bad?  The calamari was good but i wish the sauce had some spice or more seasoning in it.  Definitely could have used some Tabasco.

The entrees were fantastic!  I had tuna with fresh fruit (since cucumbers and tomatoes are technically fruit).  Tony got Untraditional Carbonara.  If you’re a pasta lover, the place was amazing for that.  I don’t think they make it inhouse but it is definitely fresh pasta (maybe from a shop next door).  Tuna tasted just as great the next day in a leftover sandwich. Sadly pasta didn’t make it pasta my belly on Friday… luckily Tony had leftovers that I took over.  We have an unofficial rule of who ever gets to the fridge first gets the spoils.

I was soo full but there’s always room for a second drink and dessert.  The bottom was their signature olive oil cake with ice cream. I was very curious what I would get with an olive oil cake and was a bit surprised when I actually found the cake park a bit more dry rather than oily.

The top is tiramisu and is one of the best I ever had.  It was super chocolaty but not overally creamy.

Overall I great enjoyed our dinner at Aragosta Bar & Bistro.  The food was great, the drinks even better and although the service could have been faster, they were still very polite.

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