21 miles – An Uphill Walk in the Park

Every 20+ miler is a different animal.

Some are a battle..

Some are a walk in the park..

Some have taken me over 4 hours like last week to complete…

Some have been finished in under 3 hours with an extra sprint in my legs in the end.

I’m not sure where my Saturday run would fit into but 21 miles are done and ran and I still had half the day free to do other things.  I guess you can call it an uphill walk in the park.

Mile 1-7 were actually quite enjoyable…In fact I would call it a stroll in the park. I was super paranoid about getting dehydrated and overheated like last week so I did not push myself at all.  I started with 9:30 pace and was down to 8:25 by mile 6.  Although the sun was shinning high and bright around noon, there was a slight delightful  breeze.  I slowed myself down every time I got too hot or thought I felt a side stitch pain. Psychosomatic pain perhaps

Mile 8-11 were a more brisk walk in the park.  My muscles were all nice and warm and all the cranks in the gears were loosen up.  I was hitting 8:30 comfortably and without much effort.  Although 8:30 is nowhere near my target pace, I felt great about it as I was carrying a liter of water in one hand.

One thing I tested out during this run is that every 15-20 minutes, I switched which hand held the water.  I figured that might be partially why I had pain last week, awkward running form perhaps from holding water for hours?

Mile 12 – Down to 9:46 pace as I walked a little with water breaks.  I was getting a little dehydrated and tired so I took it easier.

Mile 13-16 – Okay so I was getting tired of running.

Mile 17 – Legs were starting to feel heavy as I was making a final slight incline loop back to my headquarters (home).

Brief intermission of 10 minutes – refill waterbottle – slight nap on the back porch.

Mile 18-20 – Whine Whine, I’m not in pain but this is starting to be unexciting.  9:40 pace… almost done.  I guess I found my “hill” in my walk in the park.

Mile 21 – Cool off… am I really done?  That wasn’t half bad… Approx 3 hours and 20 minutes including the 10 minute break?  I’ll take it, much better than 4 hours.

Pre- Run Fuel – Two halves of a pita with natural peanut butter; I guess that makes it 1 pita bread

Running Fuel – “Performs” Gatorade full bottle and a full bottle of water, no Gu as I was still full from my peanut butter pita.

Running Entertainment – Run Run Live podcast, Jillian Michaels podcast, Here’s the Thing podcast and Runcast podcast for my cool off mile.These guys kept me entertained and running at a more slower pace.

Post Run – Most water, leftover pasta, shrimp and broccoli

Two 20 milers down, two left to go until Montreal Marathon.  Assuming I am not working, I am all in!

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