How to Throw a Spring Roll Party

Monday Run – 7.5 miles approx 1hr 10 min as I ran with Tony to check out progress on the Northern Strand Trail

Dining with friends – A fun party idea

had a friend stay with us a few weeks ago and she taught me the proper way of making a spring roll.  Now, I am still not an expert and as you will later see I create some funky looking kind.  However, next time you’re thinking of having a bunch of girls over for a fondue or a regular dinner, consider throwing a Spring Rolls party instead.

Although when most people think of spring rolls, they often confuse them with the fried variety.  Before I start the recipe, I want to point out that these will be fresh with no frying and are a great light meal or appetizer.

What we used for a group of 6

For rolls
2 cucumbers
2 Carrots
Green Onion
Lots of Thai Basil
Rice vermicelli noodles
One bag of fresh bean sprouts
2 bowls of Shrimp (approx a pound?
Small head of lettuce
Rice Wrapper sheets

For sauce
Peanut butter, hoisin, and water

Step 1 – Cut cucumbers, carrots, green onion in small thin pieces.  I use a peeler
since me and knives end up in blood

Step 2 – Remove, tail, veins and all the icky as you cook the shrimp, or be cool like me and buy some that already cooked with no veins or tales to worry about.  Once shrimp is cooked, slice it in half.

Step 3 – Remove basil leaves from stem, rip pieces of lettuce

Step 4 – Make the sauce, 1 cup hoisin sauce,1-2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of water

Step 5 Gather a great group of friends and enjoy!

 Step 6 – Okay I lied, one more step since once everything is prepared, you still need to know how it all comes together.  You notice we used two plates.  One plate is for food, while the other will have some warm water.  You can also share a pan with warm water but we wanted to make all of ours at the same time instead of waiting for the water.

Step 6a – Take a sheet of rice paper and gently submerge it in water until it’s fully wet.  Take it out, put it on your plate.  Fill it up and wrap it sort of like a burrito.  However, don’t be like me, get greedy and overfill it.  The rice wraps are very delicate and will crack.  Although using your hands to scoop up your wounded soldiers was part of the fun.

Melinda made a perfect one.

Ana was the winner of most perfect spring rolls, hers were never too big or too small.

Tony’s came out a little lumpy but it tasted just as good.  As for mine? They were ugly. Well I was too busy eating them for them to be photographed.

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