Running in Humidity & Dinners

Wednesday Run – 7.1 Sweaty miles on a treadmill so I’m not sure how long of a time since I quit at 5 miles then at 5.6 milees then at 6.5 and fo’ realz by mile 7.1 when I was swimming in my own sweat.  Can I still blame humidity?  Or can I blame that I hate running after work when I’m hungry and drained?  Give me an excuse please!

Thursday Run – Runch!  My favorite time to run.  6.14 miles in about 55-56 miles.  A minute or so slower than usual but nothing too demoralizing with the humidity at incline 3.  Can you tell my theme for complaining this week?  It starts with an H and ends with a umidity.

I use my work gym and I’m probably the biggest sweat contributor out of the whole company.  Waiting for my crown, thanks!  Or the world’s worst MS paint image re-sizer, At least now i know the secret to looking thinner or growing my head in photos.

Anyways no other running news other than me trying to figure out how 85 degree weather in 95% humidity, possibly thunderstorms while hosting my parents at my house for the weekend will result in me doing my 3rd 20 milers before RnR Montreal this weekend.

Instead I’ll continue with horrible food photos because I love food photos and I need to put them somewhere or I’m just trying to prove to my mother that I don’t starve on a daily basis without her.

 Half eaten spinach, bean sprouts, with tempah and Israeli whole-wheat couscous,  my new favorite grain.

Salmon burger with brussels sprouts and ravioli with more than a dash of sriracha.

Oops that’s not a picture of food, that’s Jack!

Anyways Thursdays aren’t just thirsty, they’re also hungry!

I’m not sure how, but all of that got consumed this morning.  I was a hungry runner… well hungry non-runner.  I skipped running at 6 AM for an extra hour of sleep… and I rewarded myself by buying breakfast.  Role model behavior.  It’s okay, I got it done at noon during lunch instead.

O hello salad and lobster rolls, these days always make me appreciate my work cafeteria a lot more.

Have you eaten anything yummy this week?

4 thoughts on “Running in Humidity & Dinners”

  1. 1. I love that top cartoon! so funny! 2. Your food looks delicious. 3. Did you end up winning that chocolate milk Refuel contest? I keep seeing pictures of you with Refuel gear on!!!

    1. I didn’t win the race scholarship or anything good that I hoped for =) but I did win something through one of those sweepstakes or something on Facebook. It was $50 credit for their store but all the clothes in the store are made out of cotton so I only use the tank for short runs and I keep the hoodie as back up in the car. Free stuff rocks none the less.

  2. Imagine a world where there is a bubble above everyone’s head which shows the # of miles run thus far. When others see how many miles I’ve run, they’ll finally understand why I’m a bit slower; because I’m on mile 18 and they are on mile 2.

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