Catch up Thursday!

Hi there, I know it’s been a while.  Three days is a lot for me!  I’m alive and busy but still running.

Big news… well not really… but I signed up for the Boston Marathon and am all approved and paid for!  My heart screams redemption awaits!  Although if I had to bet, I think it will snow this coming year during Marathon Monday to mess with me.  Sure I have a marathon the following week but I guess I’ll worry about that later.

Speaking of marathon.  RnR Montreal is coming up!  This week I’m up to 31 miles so far and will cap off tomorrow to 35 leaving the big 20 for the weekend.  Then I once again I pretend to taper.  The plan is to try to rough it out with the 3:30 pace group but I’m not sure that I can handle that.

So where I left of:

Tuesday – 6AM alarm I was not a fan but a girl gotta do what a working girl who runs marathons gotta do.  6:10 and I am out the door in all my groggy glory.  This was my first time running in Malden on a week day morning.  Even the sun has barely awaken and my mind wondered why I was racing the rising sun.  A few other people are outside walking their dog, but runners?  Sadly I am a lone warrior.  I push to wake myself up with random neighborhood loops and stayed on mild rolling hills.  I didn’t know if I want to go fast or easy as each leg felt a different way.   End up at 7 miles, 57 minutes 8:12 pace.

Wednesday – 6AM?  Well hello there, I remember.  Much easier.  Went on a bigger loop this time as both my legs agreed it was time to run fast.  7 miles ending in 55:30 with a 7:55 pace!  But wait, I came back in the evening after work for a 7PM, 7 miler! 63:30 9:05 pace this time but to be fair it was on a treadmill set at incline 3.  14 miles in the books even if it’s in bits and pieces.

Thursday – 6AM? NO! Snooze and back to bed for an extra hour of restless sleep.  My reflex overtook my running addiction.  So I figured after a week of no runches, it was time for one.  6 miles, 50 minutes, set at incline 2 8:23 pace and one sweaty gross mess later I felt at ease.  Later tonight I continued with 8PM 4 miler at an easy 8:46 in 35 minutes.  

And now we’re here.  Other things I’ve been doing?  Reading The Long Run: A New York City Firefighter’s Triumphant Comeback from Crash Victim to Elite Athlete and the chapter I read this week was about 9/11 and I was tearing up on my morning commute.  I’ll have a full review when I finish the book eventually.

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