Losing weight on vacation

As I was getting dressed this morning, I noticed a pair of pants that fit me fine 3 weeks ago felt lose… I knew I lost some weight in Spain but I didn’t think it was ton beyond some mild dehydration.  Curiously, I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see the number 7 pounds less than it was before I left.

Had I discovered the secret to weight lose?  A diet of bread, fatty meats and lack of exercise?  Were all those years of salad eating and running just holding me up in weight?  Probably not!  But it was nice to know that I can let go, enjoy myself.

Aside from a short jog in Seville I haven’t run or exercised in 16 days.  It felt weird.  I haven’t had that many non-running days in over a year, and I haven’t been that long without a “workout” in several years.

Now I know logically it takes many days of not eating right and not exercising to gain weight, I also know that gaining a few pounds won’t make me a horrible ugly person.  Maybe it would give me some boobies and I could rejoice.  However, as a female, I’ve been emotionally brainwashed that getting fat is my mortal enemy.  I know it and I hate it every time that thought crosses my mind.  And it sucks because every time I work on trying to get rid of this brain wash mentality of a pseudo enemy that weakens women as a group (think of all that could be accomplished if women didn’t have a constant battle with food and calories) I get reinforced by others (friends, family, coworkers, countless sources of media) around me that gaining weight is the enemy and fat must be avoided at all costs.

How many of us read those magazines that tell us what we should eat on vacation, how to workout on vacation, how to workout out in our hotel room and 99 ways to cut calories?  This ramble is going on for too but I wanted to remind myself that you can let go and enjoy yourself for a week or two and the world won’t end.  It’s hard for us type As to do that.  I know, we like to control everything and have a plan for that day, but sometimes that cake needs to be eaten, those cheeses need to be tried, every pastry shop on the way must be visited and with all the sights and experiences there might be no time for exercise because you want to enjoy being in the spirit of your surrounding and those around you.  The world is still there, your pants will still fit and when you get back you can resume your normal healthy life of working, running, eating salads and veggies.

and most importantly part of normalcy is hanging out with your cat!

3 thoughts on “Losing weight on vacation”

    1. I think most of it was just dehydration since I have been sick for two days. But also, I think eating some of the heavier food was probably more filling and made me less snacky that I am when I sit all day at work.

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