Getting Back to Running in a Wintry Mix Mess

Today 6.1 Miles
Wednesday 6.1 Miles
Tuesday 5.5 Miles
Monday 2.35 Miles

Running… I’ve missed it, almost as much as Jack, but getting back into a routine after not running for almost 3 weeks hasn’t been fun.  I love running, I love getting faster, but trying to rebuild yourself back to your prior speed and comfort is not fun.  It’s demoralizing, and a little frustrating.  How does it take months to get a little faster but to loose your endurance, it only takes 2-3 weeks?

I guess being sick with a nasty cold doesn’t help.  Luckily with persistence I’m getting back up there. Monday was probably the worst day.  I made it a little past 2 miles before my nasal passage and throat felt like I going to die so I stopped.  I’ll blame that on being sick.  Tuesday I had 5.5 miles with many breaks to catch my breath.  Can I still blame it on being sick?  Be lucky I’m not sharing photos of my flem and some other things I’ve been hacking up.  .

My lunches and days have been looking something like this:

P.S. If you’re in Boston, the soup from the Mongoose foodtruck is really good!

And yes be lucky I spared you the photo of the pile of tissues I started building, but I won’t spare you from this:

Yes, my last three days in Madrid, I was sneezing and dripping so much that I gave up on tissues and just used a towel.  Gross, but I love sharing.

O yea back to running, by Wednesday and Thursday I am back at my regular 6.2 miles, I’m behind by 2 minutes of my usual time but I think by next week I’ll be only behind by 1 minute.

When I first came on Sunday, I thought about how much I missed my home and the northeast.

All the leaves were in full bright color and beautifully lining the streets on my way to work, but the sentiment pretty much died in a second when I felt the 30 degree cold!

Then it snowed in Boston this week!  And it’s been ridiculously freezing as I try to battle my raging cold. Here’s the thing… me and weather gods… we had an understanding… two years ago I brought hardcore winter boots and for two years it barely snowed… As long as I kept my hardcore winter boots, it wouldn’t snow. Now it seems the weather gods are backing out of our… and I am not happy.  I even took the tag of my winter boots today!

Did I ever mention that my cat is crazy.  Yum, snow, rain, leaves, he loves it all!  I had to drag him by the leash back inside so i could get to work.  I keep telling myself that one day I’ll convince myself I like driving and will move somewhere warmer… maybe California along the coast.


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