Trampoline Fun in your 20s

Today’s run – 8.1 miles in a little more than an hour during lunch – I miscalculated my loop and took more time than I should have for lunch but it was well worth it for the amazing weather since who knows when the next time I can run in shorts outdoors will be.

Another Confession – I almost signed up for the Plymouth Marathon today,  until I realized

1. There is no way I can run 26 miles  by the end of this week

2. I’m already signed up for a marathon that day (Philly) which I’m already backing out of.

3. I should stop blowing cash on races I wish I was ready for and spend it on hookers and blow (or charity, or something more useful.)

Sigh… if only running marathons was half as easy as signing up for them.

I’m feeling better!  A ton better, maybe it’s the weather (it hit 60s this weekend after a week of 30s), maybe it’s some time apart from my mother (two weeks together is a lot of time together), maybe it’s return back to running (with the 60s I stumbled through 20 miles this weekend), but honestly, it’s probably my antibiotics and daily dose of Sudafed with some special cough syrup I’ve been on for my sinus infection/cold virus orgy that’s occurring in my body.  I’d like to think it’s the running but either way it’s great to be able to wake up and inhale (yes I really missed being able to breath for almost two weeks).

This weekend I attempted to see just how much running capacity you will lose if you stop running for 3 weeks… it wasn’t too bad, after a rest day on Friday, I couldn’t wait for Saturday’s sunshine.

Saturday15 miles 2 hrs 6 minutes (8:24 Pace) didn’t actually feel like death.  I took it at what I thought was a comfortable speed and I didn’t feel exactly like death at the end but I could tell my hips were getting tight.

Sunday – I woke up sore!  Ooo so that’s the effect of going from zero to 15 miles.  I still have my ability to trek it out, but you will feel pain afterwards.  My legs felt stiff and useless and I decided to reward them with a “recovery run.”   5 miles on the flattest part I could find in my neighborhood going at an easy pace 8:26.

In addition to wanting extra miles and a recovery run I was warming up for some trampoline dodge-ball for a friend’s birthday party.

It’s us

vs. them

Actually judging by the look on my face, it’s more of my before and after shot.

The place we went to was in Everett, which is a neighborhood over from me.  Skyzone, which I think has multiple locations countrywide.  It’s basically a warehouse of indoor trampolines.  If you don’t want to get creamed by 12 year olds in dodge-ball  you can always somersault your way into foam blocks.  Or in my case, get stuck there because you can’t pull yourself out.

Then go back to dodgeball… in a game of 12 adults vs. 12 kids… well let’s just it wasn’t that we lost, we just didn’t win.

Or just bounce around!  I stayed dirty in my running clothes and made quite the easy puke pink target.  I’m also noticing that I resemble a gremlin or a hermit in these photos…. pink gremlin .. maybe I’m an alien.

The after shot of an hour of exhaustion.  Seriously, I sweated a lot more than I planned to just by jumping and random things hurt today.  Either way it was a ton of fun, great way to hang out and all relatively cheap ($12 for an hour).  On Friday nights they host SkyJame from 10-11:30PM where you can jump your sweat out, refuel with two slices of pizza, and a soda all for $15 in an 18+ environment.  As soon as my battle wounds heal, I would like to return for a second round even if I have to stay up way past my bed time for it.

4 thoughts on “Trampoline Fun in your 20s”

  1. That place looks awesome. We’re thinking about getting my daughter a trampoline when she’s a little older and I was thinking I might be too old to play on it with her.

    I’m happy to see there are entire companies based around adult trampolining (if that’s a word).

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