Lessons of the week

No running today due to life….

I’ve learned a few things this week

WordPress lessons

1. If you somehow accidently delete your whole post you spent a whole weekend working on, you can bring back earlier drafts with some work.

2. When you transfer your blog from wordpress.com to self hosting expect to have half the photos in your old posts be missing and random “B” in all your writing.  I know my typos and general spelling is a disaster but I promise all the “Bs” in my older posts are not my doing.  I updated the photos in some of the posts I link to but the “B” well they’re there for decoration until I really get OCD and find time to edit them out.

Life Lessons

1. Mortgage companies, lawyers and all those real world things suck and make life difficult

2. When trying to renew your license online don’t mention that you have glasses, this will indeed warrant you a vision test and a 4 hour wait at the DMV, yup happy birthday to me

3. Sears sucks, stop trying to convince yourself they don’t.  They have horrible customer service and somehow manage to mess up my order over 3 times; twice the wrong price, once sent for pick up to the wrong store and a fourth time of canceling my order.  Yes, any price saving you got will be eaten away with the 2 hours you will spend trying to understand the thick foreign accidents over dicey phone connection.lines in who knows what country.

The Good Things in Life

1. I ordered a treadmill and if Sears would ever stop canceling my order it should get here soon!

This is my birthday present to myself.. okay one of many…

2. Free lunch is awesome, free lunch from Pret A Manger is even better!

What I thought was a homeless person screaming free hugs was actually a Pre A Manger employing letting us know of free lunch.  Luckily I was curious enough to check it out.

I have to say though, the bacon chicken sandwich was pretty amazing!  I think my quality of life will greatly improve with Pret A Manger opening up in Copley.

3. I got my hair done today.

My hair lady whose on maternity leave had a cancellation and was able to squeeze me in after having to cancel earlier.  It felt like Christmas or I guess in my case Hanukkah.

I then won a deep conditioning and blow-out from a different salon… Yup two hair appointments, one day… makes a busy evening.

I almost forgot what I look like without a running ponytail.

Hello there! Yes for the 10 minutes it holds up my hair looks nice before it somehow frizzes up into a mop.  Now I’m debating to try to keep the blow out or go running tomorrow…. #runningproblems

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