First 50 Miler – Intro

Okay… I pulled the $60 trigger and signed up for TARC 50 miler in Weston, MA on June 14th at 7PM.  I ran part of the course before and as far as trails go, it is relatively easy and flatter than a lot of road races I’ve done.  Still I am crazy and not a second later I suddenly had psychosomatic pains in my hips and shins.  Goodbye weekends of being lazy, hello double runs.  Not sure what I’ll do when it snows as I am not brave enough to run 4 hours in snow.  I did most my marathon training on a treadmill, I wonder how a 50  miler will be on the TM.  Gosh I fell asleep just writing that!  Anyways, I’m all in and will start a category for “50 Miler Training” to track my research, plans, failures, and general whining and doubts that I will have.  Anyways, stay tuned for my plan and gear wish list for Christmakkah.

I entered a stupid contest

Anytime Fitness is running a photo contest where 10 runner ups get a free membership and the gym is a convenient two miles away from my house.  Yes in suburb terms, two miles is convenient.  Grand prize gets a free trip for two anywhere there is an Anytime Fitness location.     Anways, I’m not being too greedy I just want to win a free membership so if you have a second.  Go visit their facebook page and like my photo.  You can vote more than once and I think even more than once a day.  I will reward you with hugs and virtual hugs and cookies and virtual cookies.

 Anytime Fitness Photo Contest Link

Not gonna lie, I was totally just looking for an excuse to take another photo in my true skin.

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