Fine Dining in Reykjavik, Iceland


Saturday was rough for Tony and I, we had a redeye flight from Boston and besides the fact that we got no sleep on the flight and somehow lost 5 hours in the space time continuum that is time zones, we also did not get fed on Iceland Airlines.  I didn’t know international flights came without food and endless supply booze, I thought that was the one trade-off for large baggage fees and little room.  On the bright side, upon boarding you get a nice bottle of Iceland Water.. yum… now where can I get my Jameson?

Aside from the hunger confusion, the flight arrived on time and went perfect.  I say a fair trade-off if it means I leave and arrive on time.  Upon getting to Iceland, we went to pick up our rental from SAD Cars… yes, why would I assume anything but a sad car would come from something called SAD Cars.  Anyways we get into our sad little two wheel drive car only to learn it is manual!  And there are no automatic ignition cars anywhere in the dealership.  Luckily, Tony was a fast learner and we made it to Reykjavik.

After a rough morning in complete pitch darkness, I decided we earned a nice meal for dinner.  Did I mention it was still pitch dark at 10AM?  We know because we couldn’t check in til noon into our Hostel when the sun finally decided to peak a boo a hello.

This was taken at 10:45 AM overexposed on my dinky IPhone.

Anyways, Reykjavik is a super cool city and I’ll post some photos later but my family is dying to know what I ate so I’m starting with that.

What to eat in Iceland?

Honestly, I wanted to skip the entrees and try every appetizer on the menu; however, I decided I was too hungry for that so we only got one, smoked puffin.  I thought the cute national bird would taste like chicken but instead it tasted more like smoked salmon with a tougher texture.  It was yummy, but I couldn’t get the image that I was eating something so adorable out of my head, yet I kept eating.

For my entrée I got the whale steak.  Iceland is famous for its whale meat, and is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to eat Minke whale.  I know, I know, there’s a lot of controversy about ethics of hunting them (it’s cruel), but I was in Iceland and I decided it was worth a try.  The chicken that you got your chicken breast from isn’t exactly killed too kindly either.  Ironically, the whale tasted more like steak than fish with a more gamey taste, maybe if a veal mated with a tuna and I seared it up for dinner?  It was worth a try but I don’t think I would eat it again.

The other entrée we got was a horse steak! This was probably my favorite dish.  It was tender and each little piece had a ton of flavor.  Yes, the horses are cute too and I tried my best to stop picturing the cute animals I see all along the highway frolicking around may end up in my stomach.

Both entries came with those amazing little potatoes and when we got half our food to go (horse and whale steaks are heavy!) they added a bunch more of those potatoes to our to go boxes!

The place we ate was called 3 Frakkar.  It was a super cozy little place on a side street with three small rooms with about 6 tables each.  The staff were super friendly and nice in explaining everything to us.

If you’re ever in Iceland and want a nice dinner, I highly recommend the place.  The prices are not cheap, but not ridiculous either.

5 thoughts on “Fine Dining in Reykjavik, Iceland”

  1. You are adventurous! I was in Iceland in May last year but didn’t try any of those items…couldn’t do the Puffin, for sure! We ate a couple of times at a great fish restaurant right by the harbor…really great, fresh-caught fish. Very cheap! Have fun, Iceland is SO beautiful! Here’s a blog I wrote on my five days there:

  2. Wow- very interesting meals! I don’t know if I could eat horse…I don’t think I would mind whale, but horses are pets and I don’t think I could eat one. Glad that you had fun- you are always going on amazing adventures.

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