50 Miler Training – Week 4

As far as training goes, the has been the week where things have clicked into place.

Monday – Rest day for MLK and I was a lady who lunched

Tuesday – 13.1 Miles (6.5 runch + 6.6 homemill)
My first run of the day was at incl 3 on the workmill on a progressive 5 minute approach.  After about 4 miles I maxed out how fast I could go and just switched on random speeds and walking breaks to finish 6.5 in 56 minutes, 8:39 pace.  My second run was post work on the homemill switching between 7.5 and 7.7 MPH for 6.6 miles for an average pace of 7:56.  My homemill should be nicknamed my vanitymill.

Wednesday – 5.55 Miles (Runch) & Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones
Woke up early for some Jillian strength (shocker) and a little bit of running during lunch.  5.55 miles at incline 2 in 45 minutes. Easy recovery run after Tuesday miles.

Thursday – 15 miles (7 runch + 8 homemill)+ Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack
Busy day – 3 Part workout – I’m a little ashamed about how much I worked out today but I’m committed to having a good race February 24th and an even better 50 miler in June.

Trying to stay committed on some strength/core work.  I usually don’t do other Jillian workouts because they have too much cardio for how much I already run; however, I was feeling too lazy for the full commitment of No More Trouble Zones, so I did 25 minutes of Zone 1 of  6 week 6 pack which felt too easy but better than nothing in the morning!  Even with an abs workout Jillian sneaked in squats and lunges that I was trying to avoid.

7 miles during runch in 56 minutes; 8 minute pace.  It sounds fast but I can’t vouch for the treadmill I ran the first 5 miles on.  It felt different from my usual one that was taken when I went up.  Last 2 miles were done at incline 2 on my usual friend.

8 miles after work on my vanitymill/homemill in a little under 64 minutes for average pace of 7:56.

Friday – 3.5 miles
Recovery slow easy miles on incline, 30 minutes

Saturday – 21.6 miles – 3:02
21.6 that I tried to keep relatively unstrenuousness  well as easy as a 20 miler can be.  Average pace ended up being 8:24.  It was cold and barely 20 degrees but the sun was shining and the wind was quiet.  There was a light patch of snow on the ground but nothing too troubling.  Sounds weird to say but I really enjoyed my 3 hours of solitude in the cold.  I guess I really am a lone wolf runner.

Sunday – 16 miles 2:05:35
Derry Boston Prep 16 Miler Race was on Sunday. I won’t get too repetitive as the recap is here.  Short story, hilly race 16 miles, average pace 7:52.

Total Miles – 74.8 Miles (wish I recorded an extra .2 somewhere to have a full number)

Total Feelings – Great, I felt a lot less tired this week than last.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any trail runs this week.  That ties into my disappointment: I try to have one trail run a week because it’s more of a full body workout and less damaging than the roads on my legs.  I’m also disappointed I didn’t fulfill my goal of having two full strength workouts.  I’ll count the zone 1 6 week 6 pack as only .5 strength but 1.5 is better than 0 which is where I was for 2012.

6 thoughts on “50 Miler Training – Week 4”

  1. Wow! I’m aiming for a 50 mile week this week and I”m TIRED! I feel like I’ve spent my life running LOL.

    Do you find that the doubles are as good as one longer run? I haven’t broken up any of my runs yet, but I’m thinking I may have to in February when I hit the point of every.single.run being double digit…

    1. I’m not sure how munch you’re planning on running but I don’t think doing double digits for every run will be the best idea if you’re just starting out.

      While I don’t think doing double runs can make up for the benefit of doing one single long run in a week, I think it helps build up your muscles and more miles are beneficial. When i’m marathon training I try really hard to get one single long run in if I can. The midweek runs I just do to keep the mileage up and get used to running when I’m tired/not feeling it. I follow the philosophy that more miles, but less hard is better than less miles but hard fast miles.

      Generally when i do double runs, my first one is fairly easier and less strenuous. I also don’t stay that high (70s) continually, I’ll probably be dropping the mileage this week to around 50.

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