#BestRun – Can there really be one?

As I read other bloggers (such as Miss Zippy) recount their #BestRun, I can’t help of course but think of myself.  After I started running 2 years ago, I can’t help but think that most of my best days involve either friends, family, food or running.  If I’m lucky, I got all four. What makes a great run?

Running your first Marathon, qualifying for Boston on a time that was 30 minutes faster than ever expected?

Winning a race? Or 2nd place to winning for me?

Or watching your brother finish his first 10K!  I love creating running addicts!

Malden 10K Brother

Running something I didn’t think I was capable of, like a 6 hour trail race covered in snow?

2013 Spring Thaw Woods

Or using a race as an excuse for a weekend getaway to Montreal?

Just reflecting back makes me wish I was in my running shoes, hitting the pavement instead of just reminiscing.  As of today, I’ve run 773 miles during 2013 alone.  Picking a “best” run would be an insult to all the other miles threaded  even the wet miserable ones.  I’ve had many great runs, but I know my #BestRuns are still ahead of me.  Especially as I continue to surround myself with amazing friends and family like the ones below and many more that I continue to meet on trails and pavement.

5 thoughts on “#BestRun – Can there really be one?”

  1. You’ve had such an amazing running life so far!! Incredible! I think BestRuns are any run that personally means something to you. I love that you get excited about others running their first race! And I bet you still have so many things that will surprise you about your abilities. Go girl!

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