Weekly Recap – Triathlon Training Attempt Week 2

I don’t like to get repetitive, but I look forward to these weekly recaps (even when they’re a week or 2 late).  I like to look at my training or progress on a weekly basis vs. daily as sometimes there’s good days, sometimes there’s bad but in the end I hope to get more good days than bad.

It’s been hot here, 85+ with humidity to the point of rain, yet no rain.  Miserable, miserable and got me craving a good old fashion snow storm instead.

Insert photo of my cat to stop my complaining

Monday – 10.2 Miles Run 10.3 Miles Bike
Biked about 49 minutes with many stop lights.  I think if all goes well I can do 15-20 MPH during my race.  Afterwards, did my first real brick run after biking.  3.2 miles at 7:48 pace.  I think the threat of lightening joining the thunder made me run a tad quicker.  Did 7 miles during lunch at about 8:12 pace.

Tuesday – 1,000 Yds swim
Took it easy.  Couldn’t  motivate myself during lunch to run but after work I had swimming on my schedule.  Took me 35 minutes.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
7:52 pace run in the morning when at 6AM it was 77 degrees and the air filled with humidity.

Thursday 10.1 Miles
7 miles at 8:13 and 3.1 miles at 8:03 pace. Both indoors, both away from the humidity.

Friday – 8 Miles Run , 1,000 Yds swim
8 miles on incline 2, 7:56 pace. Was surprised I had the energy.  Swam after work in my usually slow slow fashion.

Saturday – 10.7 Miles bike & 10.4 mile run
Biked in the morning 10.7 miles leisure pace.  Ran a little over 10 miles but suffered a lot to finish them.  Ended with an 8:40 pace but I guess I couldn’t complain since i started at noon in the dead of the heat.

Sunday – 10 Miles + 1,000 yds swim
As bad as Saturday was, Sunday only got worse.  Was going to try to do 20.  Got to 2 miles before I felt sick (at 10AM) and decided to go to the Y so some AC.  However, but then, I really had no desire to run 18 more on a hamster wheel.  I somehow complained myself into a forced 7 mile in between water breaks and then took my slow sorry sweaty butt back home.  Showered and decided well if my legs would move, maybe I should try the arms.  Swam at the Y 1,000 yards.  The swim went much better but I get sick of all the people and usually leave after 30-35 minutes.


Anyone have an secret swimming tips?

Anyone training for anything new & fun?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Triathlon Training Attempt Week 2”

  1. Your training sounds like it is going good! I have no real clue what I am doing. I don’t love swimming, but it is growing on me. I love biking and of course running. Can’t wait to see how your race goes. I wish that mine was sooner than 8/3. It will be a good gauge for me. I don’t know what a fast bike or swim should be.

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