Yelp’s Midsummer Odyssey

I lead a very lucky life! Besides amazing friends, I often get to go with said amazing friends to very fun events. Add in a free sunset booze cruise with dinner and beverages included and life doesn’t really get better than that. I mean, maybe if a marathon was included in my day,  but that’s okay, I can separate running from partying when things like the ocean blue call for it.

I’ve been enjoying the perks of being a Yelp Elite for 5 years now. The events that I get a chance to attend are always amazing. Once a year or so, yelp will throw a giant event where the elites and non elites can frolic, partake in libations, and  mingle their hearts out at a museum, or an art center, or in this case, a giant 4 floored boat! Therefore, I don’t have to pick only a single plus 1 spot, but instead can have all my favorites with me (if they choose to RSVP).

Even though the event was open to everyone, the elites did get some perks. We got to eat up, booze up, and dance up for a full extra hour. Tony and I were hungry so we went straight for the food!

There was a garden salad on top, which I think had watermelon in it and caesar on the other levels! I loved the three-tier that this gets its own photo.

One of the floors had karaoke, if you’re wondering what they’re singing, it’s lobster rock.

This was my view while eating dinner. The overcast sunset created the most dramatic effects!

Now you’re probably wondering if there was anything else to eat besides lettuce? Of course!

Buffet Options

There was also grilled chicken, a meat craving station, and a whole ton of Hors d’oeuvre ranging from ahi tuna to spring rolls, crab rangoon, fish cakes and random other things. Needed to say no one went hungry.

The only thing grander than the entree options was

Dessert! And I apologize. I know this is the worst dessert photo in the history of all food blogging.

One day, I’ll get tired of taking food photos, however, yesterday was not that day

The boat had 4 layers, with the top being a complete outside patio. The views were amazing!

The airport was only a short hop away from the boat, so airplanes were almost directly above us for a little while!

We passed by some of the Boston harbor islands

Fort Warren in all it’s glory from Georges Island

I took more photos than one person should with a flimsy Iphone but it was just hard not to want to capture the moments.

And before we knew it, we were heading back to main land… And just as we got off the boat, the sky opened up into a flooding rain!


Have you ever been on a boat?

5 thoughts on “Yelp’s Midsummer Odyssey”

  1. If this was the Odyssey yacht that leaves out of Rowes wharf, then its the best! I did the Odyssey brunch cruise 2 hours after the Boston Run to Remember last year. Ah, the buffet hit the spot. I would def do it again.

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