Weekly Recap – Triathlon Training Attempt Week 2

I don’t like to get repetitive, but I look forward to these weekly recaps (even when they’re a week or 2 late).  I like to look at my training or progress on a weekly basis vs. daily as sometimes there’s good days, sometimes there’s bad but in the end I hope to get more good days than bad.

It’s been hot here, 85+ with humidity to the point of rain, yet no rain.  Miserable, miserable and got me craving a good old fashion snow storm instead.

Insert photo of my cat to stop my complaining

Monday – 10.2 Miles Run 10.3 Miles Bike
Biked about 49 minutes with many stop lights.  I think if all goes well I can do 15-20 MPH during my race.  Afterwards, did my first real brick run after biking.  3.2 miles at 7:48 pace.  I think the threat of lightening joining the thunder made me run a tad quicker.  Did 7 miles during lunch at about 8:12 pace.

Tuesday – 1,000 Yds swim
Took it easy.  Couldn’t  motivate myself during lunch to run but after work I had swimming on my schedule.  Took me 35 minutes.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
7:52 pace run in the morning when at 6AM it was 77 degrees and the air filled with humidity.

Thursday 10.1 Miles
7 miles at 8:13 and 3.1 miles at 8:03 pace. Both indoors, both away from the humidity.

Friday – 8 Miles Run , 1,000 Yds swim
8 miles on incline 2, 7:56 pace. Was surprised I had the energy.  Swam after work in my usually slow slow fashion.

Saturday – 10.7 Miles bike & 10.4 mile run
Biked in the morning 10.7 miles leisure pace.  Ran a little over 10 miles but suffered a lot to finish them.  Ended with an 8:40 pace but I guess I couldn’t complain since i started at noon in the dead of the heat.

Sunday – 10 Miles + 1,000 yds swim
As bad as Saturday was, Sunday only got worse.  Was going to try to do 20.  Got to 2 miles before I felt sick (at 10AM) and decided to go to the Y so some AC.  However, but then, I really had no desire to run 18 more on a hamster wheel.  I somehow complained myself into a forced 7 mile in between water breaks and then took my slow sorry sweaty butt back home.  Showered and decided well if my legs would move, maybe I should try the arms.  Swam at the Y 1,000 yards.  The swim went much better but I get sick of all the people and usually leave after 30-35 minutes.


Anyone have an secret swimming tips?

Anyone training for anything new & fun?

Mizuno Wave Sayonara Shoe Review and Treadmill Workout

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno

It’s no secret that when it comes to running road races, I’ve been loyal to Mizuno.  I’ve tried others, but nothing felt quite like home (my moving home?) like my Wave Riders.  As I’ve slowly gotten more confident about my running style and form, I’ve been looking into something lighter, smaller, but not exactly a racing flat.  I love my Mizuno Ronins, but those I save mostly for track and 5K sprints.

Boxes of my current rotation
Boxes of my current rotation

Some people collect Christian Louboutins, while I stock up on my Mizunos.  (Although if someone wants to buy me some Christain Louboutins, I probably wouldn’t complain.)

Lately, I’ve been thinking of trying to switch to Mizuno Wave Precisions since they looked smaller and lighter than my Wave Riders; so when I had the opportunity to test out Mizuno’s new shoe Wave Sayanora, “design love-child of the Wave Precision and Wave Elixir” I immediately accepted.  The Wave Precision and Wave Elixir are going to be discontinued with a better and improved model, Sayanoras!

Wave Sayonara Run To Munch

First, they are beautiful! I know that as a serious runner, its awful of me to admit, but I do partially choose my running shoes because of how they look.  I run in the Wave Rider 15s over the 16s purely because I love the colors more, even though the 16s are lighter and better.  Yes guys and gals, I rather match my running skirt than shave a minute of my PR.

Wave Sayonara Run To Munch 2

The shoes weight in at 7.1 (8.1 if you’re a guy) ounces while still keeping a 10mm drop from heel to toe. To put in perspective, the women’s Wave Rider is 8.1 oz and has a 12mm drop.  The heel/toe height is 19/9mm instead of the more traditional 24/12mm heights of the Wave Rider.  Giving you a more neutral shoe with as needed support elements.  Perfect transition to go lighter but not minimalist.  (Its okay if you are into barefoot running but for marathon distance it just doesn’t work for me).

Wave Sayonara Run To Munch Bottom
sorry the bottom is a little dirty because I run first, take photos later

Now the sole to me looks a little funky, but it’s part of the magic.  The U4ic (I know you all love it when I talk shoe jargon dirty to you) midsole delivers optimal shock attenuation, as well as durability, and provides a superior ride that is 30% lighter than AP+. The G3 sole features lightweight, superior traction that keeps you from slipping and sliding; like when it rains every time I try to run outside (it really is always raining on me).  As for that Mizuno Wave Technology we all have come to love (unless you haven’t experienced it yet, because you will love it), it’s still there to provide the perfect balance of lightweight cushioning and stability.

So how did I test ride these babies?

Wave Sayonara Run To Munch 3
18 miles outside, 2 miles on my treadmill inside

It was a Saturday, so of course I couldn’t just take them for a short ride, I took them for the full course in 85 degree weather through the humid roads of metro Boston.  The shoes made me feel like I was flying that I ran the first 10 miles at an 8 minute pace before I noticed I should grab some water to hydrate.  I was going too fast to want to stop!  But the blasting through the heat with no water caught up to me a bit as I grabbed a drink and slowed for the rest of my test ride.  My legs felt light but when my toes hit the pavement, they didn’t recoil in shock as they have in minimalist shoes.

On Monday, I decided to try them out on my other best friend, the treadmill, with one of my favorite workouts.

Progress 10K Workout RunToMunch

Tempo runs are great, but painful.  Intervals are fun but I get bored on the slow part and cut it too short.  So instead, the progressive half mile has been my favorite speed workout lately.  If you want an exact 10K, you only need to do cool off for .2 miles but I prefer a quick warm-up and longer cool off.  Also, I put the pace or MPH for reference in case you’re running on roads or the treadmill.  You can adjust the speed accordingly.

The Wave Sayonara performed just as great on the treadmill as they did on the road.  I almost felt elite as I bounced through my workout on a higher incline.  I use incline instead of speed training to prevent injury to myself but that’s a story for another post.

They will be available in the Mizuno Running Store and everywhere else July 5th and retails for $119.99.

And if you’re looking for some fun inspiration check out this awesome video!

And in case you’re wondering, I’m already planning the outfit around these shoes for my next marathon.