Weekly Recap – Running after a 3 week break

You know, I have to confess, I really thought running after a 3 week break would be easy. I thought me and running could take a 3 week no speaking, no “running into each other”, do our own thing break and reunite like nothing ever happened when I returned.

Unfortunately, running is a spiteful little number. While she welcomed me with open shoes, there will be some bruises. I know we’ll get back to the place we were with even better times ahead, but it’ll be rough for a few weeks.

I don’t regret not “working out” on vacation because sometimes it’s nice being lazy, and sometimes it’s just too damn hot with no roads, or safe place to run. However, the road to getting back where we left before has been a tad bumpy, but that’s what keeps it fun.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 5 Miles
I plunged straight to where I left off, before I went away, only to almost fall flat on my face, literally. Yup, after 3 weeks of no running or any cardio “workout,” I thought I could jump on the treadmill at a 7:45 pace and be perfectly. And I felt perfect, and happy in pure bliss… for 2 miles until the ability to breath escaped me. Up at about 1/4th of my planned run, I felt tapped out. I stopped, took a break and restarted. I decided to settle myself on a 10K, but the walk breaks would not end. Finally, I decided 5 miles was good enough.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
To say, I felt sore, would be an understatement, but there’s no rest for the wicked, running PRs don’t grow on trees. Since, clearly I couldn’t find a pace I could stick with on the treadmill, I figured going outside might be a better deal. And luckily for my ego, I was right. At a steady pace, I went through 4, 6, & 8 miles. Average pace was 8:!5, a bit slower than the 7:30 10 milers I was flying through 3 weeks before I left, but I made it.

Thursday – Rest
If I thought I knew soreness Wednesday, Thursday brought me a whole new definition. I think the only time I felt more sore from running was when I ran my first half marathon. I barely wanted to move, and sitting hurt from my core to calves to arms. Why my arms hurt? Make it a mystery to my running form?

Friday – 3.1 Miles
Still felt tired and took it easy. In the evening, I decided to test out if I could run a 5K without a break. My course was my homemill and my company was the Eye of the Tiger. 23:30 and my pain was over.

Saturday – 9.16 Miles
I wasn’t sore! That was enough for a happy dance. I thought about doing 13 miles, but I wanted to partially race the 5K Sunday so I cut my run short. 75 minutes of running and I have reached my exhaustion comfort for the time. 8:07 pace, which was a hillier route and faster than my Wednesday run.

Sunday – 3.1 Miles

A PR!!!!

The course was much flatter than Somerville, which is my only 5K experience, and the weather was bone-chilling cold, but I know I’m almost back to where me and running left off.


Have you ever taken a complete, non injury related break from running, biking, etc? How long?

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