The 5 flights, 6 airports to go almost around the world and back – Airlines and airline food

What’s the longest flight you’ve taken? 6 hours across the US? 8 hours to get to Europe? 13 hours to Israel? That would be my history. Now (okay 3 weeks ago) would be a collection of flights that would take me almost 2 full days to reach my destination, Yangon, Myanmar. How as I to survive?

First, the longest leg of our trip from be 22+ hours. Since we would be spending 22 hours on a plain, we searched hard for a deal on the best airline we could afford.

The core of our flight would be on Singapore airlines, a 5 star airline that has consistently been one of the top 3 airlines around. Having only experienced the cream of crap that is American Airlines (AA, Delta, Spirit, United etc, except JetBlue, I love Jetblue but their international flights are limited), I also flown British Airways which was okay, Air Canada, not so bad and Virgin was the best of the three. So while I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the travel, at least I would be as comfortable as possible while still being in economy class.

One little problem, our Singapore Airlines flight was leaving from JFK, NY. Sadly they don’t have a shuttle from Logan, so we booked one on American Airlines. Luckily, we gave ourselves a 4 hour layover, because predictable our flight left an hour late and getting from terminal to terminal at JFK is about as easy as calculus, some people get it, most of us don’t.


The only good part was the pretty sunset I saw on the Airtran while switching terminals

Tony and I saw grabbed a “snack” at JFK since neither of us ate lunch yet. Finally got to try Shake Shack, which everyone in NYC, drools over. It was okay, I still prefer BGood.


Before I knew it, it was time to board Singapore Airlines. We boarded, got seated, got hot wet towels to freshen up. We then got our food menu for the 30 meals we would be eating on our flight to Singapore. There was options and a drink menu. We both got ordered a Singapore Sling – delicious mix of gin, Cointreau, orange juice and pineapple juice.

The meals on our first flight half of the flight included dinner Tony got pork something or other and I got the chicken.

Singapore Air Food

Singapore Air Food 2

A sandwich for a snack that I barely remember was also given but no photo. I was trying to stay up for the first 9 hours to sleep on the second 13 hour wing of the flight.

Then came breakfast:

Singapore Air Food 4

Our layer-over was in Frankfurt, airport 3 of the 7 we will be seeing before our Journey ends. I picked up my favorite chocolate candy in the world, that is a struggle to find in the states.

Kinder Country

Before I knew it, I was back on the second wing of the flight to Singapore. I watched Wolverine and Man of Steel, both of which were kinda disappointing a best. I did make sure to wake up for food.

Singapore Air Food 5

This leg of the flight included Lunch, snack, dinner and breakfast again. I didn’t take photos of everything.

Singapore Air Food 6

Singapore Air Food 7

Finally we landed in Singapore, exhausted but with still 2 more airports to go.

Singapore jet

The two floored jumbo jet that got us halfway around the world.

Our next flight was from Singapore, layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia and final destination of Yangon, Myanmar.


For our flight from Singapore to Yangon, we chose Malaysia Air, another 5 star airline. Although our flight was good, leather seats, and good food, the experience was a little disappointing. There was no in-flight entertainment on our 4 hour flight, and when we tried to change our fly back date they would not allow us to fly stand by without paying an additional $210 per person on a flight that was half empty to begin with. So, I don’t recommend flying them if there’s cheaper options. The service was disappointing for the premium paid. We had carry-on, so baggage benefits did not affect us.


The meals, I got the fish curry and Tony the chicken. To be fair, I thought it was a little tastier than what I ate on the Singapore airlines flight.

Malayasia Food Tony

And just like that, as our plates were cleared, our journey was coming to an end. Almost 36 hours later. We left  at 3PM Thursday and didn’t arrive until Saturday 3 PM in Yangon. With the 12 hour time change, that’s 36 hours of travel we survived. To be fair, I thought it was almost easier than doing a red eye to Europe.

6 airports, 5 flights – Logan to JFK to Frankfurt to Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Yangon, Myanmar alas.

As for our return home? It was a little easier. We flew back from Yangon to Kuala Lumpur and stayed there for a few days.

MIS Food

Food on the second flight back wasn’t as good, plus I was cranky at them not allowing us to change our return date. I did appreciate the KitKat bar though. I missed chocolate while in Myanmar.

From Kuala Lumpur we took a “luxury” bus for $12. It was a 16 passenger couch bus! Couch

The trip took about 5 hours from start to finish, included border patrol and was more comfortable than any flight could have been.

Afterwards we spent a few days in Singapore before flying back to the US. This time, I didn’t care about Jet-lag and just slept as it would come to me.

Singapore Return

Our dinner on our flight back through Frankfurt. I wasn’t really hungry, so most went to waste. Instead I had a screwdriver and went straight to sleep.

Our layover in Frankfurt sucked a lot more than the first time. No fault of their own, but the United States makes you go through airport security AGAIN before boarding any flight into the US. And yes, we went through security in Singapore, so going out the airport and back in, while half asleep was a pain in the sleepy ass. Other countries don’t require this, so connecting through Frankfurt while going to Singapore wasn’t as annoying.

I picked up two more boxes of Kinder Chocolate before returning back to the airplane to fly to JFK.

There was more food that I barely touched except the potato and bacon salad. That was pretty awesome. We also had sandwiches, and some breakfast noodles and ice cream not photographed because I slept through most of it after having a Bloody Mary for breakfast.

Singapore air Food return

Finally we landed in JFK. Since it was after Thanksgiving weekend, we couldn’t get a cheap shuttle to Boston so it was to the Greyhound bus for us. Luckily, we got on the new Greyhound buses with leather seats, wifi, and cup holders. Although, at that point, it really did not matter, both Tony and I blacked up until the bus stopped at South Station in Boston.

So there you go, the flights and meals of what takes you almost around the world!

#SDPharma – SD Pharmaceuticals Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of SDPharmaceuticals.

To be honest, I am not very experienced with taking supplements. I’m also not a doctor, nor a student of medicine beyond my own personal knowledge of what works and doesn’t work for me. I tend to eat a lot of vegetables in my diet and as “balanced” as I think I need to be. Furthermore, my running addiction has made me very lucky in not having to worry too much about fat loss and weight loss, although the thoughts do go through my head like any other western woman. I’m brainwashed like any other.

However, lately, I’ve been wondering about my nutrition for performance and general health while traveling, or when I’m super busy with work and tend to eat the majority of my meals from take out containers at my desk. So when I had the opportunity to test out some supplements from SD Pharmaceuticals with my Fitfluential affiliation, I went for it.

First, I goggled up SD Pharmaceuticals. I haven’t heard of them before so I wanted to research something before consuming it into my body. As someone who relies on her body for majority of my hobbies and passions, I take some interest into what my temple takes in (we can discuss my sugar addiction later).

About SD Pharmaceuticals:

“The Research Team at SD Pharmaceuticals only produces the most sophisticated ingredients and formulas, and those which are clinically validated in human research studies. If there isn’t any solid research behind an ingredient, then SD Pharmaceuticals’ researchers won’t use it! That’s what really distinguishes SD Pharmaceuticals from every other sports supplement company out there. On top of that, SD Pharmaceuticals only uses the most potent forms of every ingredient available, which includes pharmaceutical-grade synthetics and exclusive standardized herbal extracts.”

I was sent the following items:

SD Pharm

Dendrobium 600 – Used to promote the health of the stomach, kidney, and lungs
Diindolylmethane – Used to help maintain healthy hormonal balance in the body and support overall well being
Garcinia Cambogia – Used to support healthy serotonin levels and reduce appetite
Green Coffee Bean – Used to support fat loss, provides healthy antioxidants and reduce weight
Raspberry Ketone – Used to inhibit fat accumulation, increases calorie expenditure, and increases fat breakdown

As mentioned before, I don’t consider fat loss/appetite as my issues. If I wanted to eat less, I would run less. So I did not try those. However, after traveling for 3 weeks and not ever exercising due to heat, pollution and more excuses than I need to list, I might try the some of the fat burning ones.

I looked up each of the supplements in a little more detail. The one thing I noticed for all, is that not a lot is known about the effects on pregnancy or breastfeeding, so had I been either of those, I would not have taken any.

Stacking up the benefits

The company also provided me with a little useful chart that shows how combining the supplements makes them more beneficial for whatever goals you may have.

I decided to stack only Dendrobium & Dim. 

Dendrobium is a member of the orchid plant family. It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dendrobium has been used in China for over 1000 years to promote the health of the stomach, kidneys and lungs. In addition to its use as a medicine, it is also used as a powerful strengthening tonic


SD Pharm Den

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a natural compound formed during the breakdown of plants and the digestion of indole-3-carbinol, from the Brassica genus of plants. (Some of the vegetables of this genus include, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale.) Both men and women use DIM to support healthy estrogen metabolism and hormonal balance in the body.


SD Pharm Dim


I took one capsule a day after breakfast daily. Overall, I’ve been feeling great and energetic each day while constantly traveling for three weeks (two of them through developing countries). I thought I would feel more tired since my diet has gone worse as I’ve been eating a lot less vegetables and a lot more rice regularly than I normally do. However, some of the highs could be just from the excitement of my vacation. I will continue taking both and see how I feel now that I’ve returned to my daily life of working and responsibilities.

To learn more about the supplements I took or other ones available, visit SDPharmaceuticals website.