Weekly Recap and an updated MRI results

So I whined and I whined and eventually I went for an MRI to try to figure out what exactly is going on in my heel. And all in all, only thing they found is a very angry inflamed plantar fascia, so I am now officially, one of the many runners plagues with the horror and nightmare that is plantar fasciitis.  I didn’t want to believe it since the pain wasn’t in my arch and was just staying in a very acute place in the heel, but I guess MRIs can’t lie.

Speaking of MRIs, have you ever been in one? It’s one of the most archaic looking devices. It reminds me of what the 1960s thought the future would be like! Now the less, they are pretty cool. Most of the human body is made up of water molecules, which consist of hydrogen and oxygen atoms.. During a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, you lie in a strong magnetic field and radio-frequency waves are directed at your body. This produces detailed images of the inside of your body. It took about 30 minutes as I tried my best to lie still and not move my foot. It would make these loud beeping sounds, about 5 different kind, and each of these sounds represented different images it took.  It was a pretty cool experience! Yay for health insurance!

Anyway back to the foot…. PF it is and it is one of the most frustrating running issues in the world since once your half it, it can get soo chronic and just refuses to go away! A PF flare is usually the result of tight muscles around the calf. I think when I was cross training on the arch trainer and bike trainer, I let my calves get tighter then I would normally running and when I went back to running, it probably resulted in a flare up. Or as the nasty Physician Assistant lady put it, “an error in my training.”

I know at some point, I will have to take a running break, again! I’m not looking forward to it. In the meantime, I am trying to stretch as much as I can. Foam roll. Ice and cry in pain. Do my toe and calf exercises. Use my little ball thing on my foot and just hope that it magically goes away. If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of on the interwebs it’s PF advice, half of which contradicts the others. Wear more cushion, go barefoot, don’t go barefoot, stretch, don’t stretch.. everyone is full of opinions when it comes to PF… but I prefer to sticking to listening to people’s experiences instead.

Races and running.

I am still running Boston.

It’s going to be very ugly, not as ugly as 2012, but it’ll be a tough race.

I am going to run Wisconsin marathon two weeks later because I’ll be in Chicago for work and the opportunity to get another state is too good to pass up. Speaking of which, come run it with me! Code LIANA15 gets you $5 off either the full or half marathon!

I might be passing on Fargo after a tough decision. Short story is that I applied and got an “elite” entry into the race. It’s not so much elite as probably more complimentary. With that, I was hoping to break 3:15 in a marathon. I have a 1:31 half (unofficial) and on a full flat course, I really believe I have hope of that in me. That was before my PF struggles and 105 inches of snow destroyed the city I am in.

Long story short, while I really hate giving up this entry, and another state, the expenses of flight and lodging might not be worth to run a race in pain. I’ll give myself a bit more time to find a reasonable flight, but if I can’t, it will have to be moved down to another time when I’m running fit again. I know that’s somewhere in my future, I just don’t know if 2015 is it.

So for the most part, I’ve still been running in my attempts to train for Boston. The treadmill running for the most part doesn’t hurt too much, but running outside definitely flares me up more. So maybe more cushion and stretching is the way to go for me? I’m still debating.

Anyway, the on and off weekly recap. Please note the times are faster than my running in the past, because the treadmills I used now versus at my old job are easier and less “inclined” or maybe, my old treadmill was more “inclined.” Either way, less inclinement, faster time.  I use the 3 setting at healthworks and on my home gym, while 2-3 at Planet fitness, but who knows what that even means.

Monday8 Miles, average pace 7:45 was a more eased in run after my 10 mile race on Sunday.

Tuesday10 Miles, first 8 at 7:33 pace, last 2 at 8:45 pace for cool down. I find that adding a few slower miles has really helped when I do my “Faster” runs.

Wednesday – Rest… I got paranoid that I was pushing too hard so I took a rest day

Thursday – 9.2 Miles I ran first 8.15 in an hour, 7:21 pace, and did a cool down 1.05 in about 8:34

Friday – 8 Miles another 7:45 average pace run. I was planning on only running a 10K but then decided to go for 8

Saturday – Rest day, I wasn’t planning on it, but the early 5:30-6Am wake ups caught up to me and I just ended up napping away half the day.

Sunday – 15 miles, average pace around 8:15 which includes walking on icey patches.  My friend invited me with him on his run in Newton on the carriage roads. It’s pretty much that most runnable place in Boston and part of it is along the Boston Marathon course.  It’s about 3.7 miles out and 3.7 miles back. It might go longer, but we (or maybe just me/I) weren’t sure where.  Ran 7:50-55 average pace for about 7.5 miles together and then I took it easier on a second loop alone. Surprised that I was able to run without music, but the company on half the run helped a ton!


Total Miles – 50 miles and one tight left foot with a fiesty heel from Sunday’s run


And I will almost end this post on the fact that every time I type plantar fasciitis, my computer wants to auto-correct it to plantar fascist… which seems to be a more accurate description. Happy thoughts!

Tell me something you’re looking forward to this week? I’m going to a foodie blogger event at Ostra on Tuesday that I’m super hyped up for! 

Weekly Recap – Why I ignore injuries

FullSizeRender (3)

I really hate admitting it, but I’ve been a terrible follower of my own advice. I hate admitting injuries, and taking the steps to fully recovery versus elevating them to a higher level. Absolutely hate it, and unless I am getting sharp pains, I pretty much have been ignoring issues for months now.

For those who have followed me for a while, I’ve been a “runner” for over 7 years with half marathon/marathon running over 4 years now. Sometimes, I feel like a complete newbie, but yes, it’s really been that long! For those 7 years I’ve been incredibly lucky, where although I was a really uncoordinated kid growing up, picking up running as an “adult” has come incredibly easy for me! I ran my first 5K 25:28, not elite, but pretty well for a girl who spent most of her childhood being inactive and chubby. My first marathon in under 3:25 and while not always following the all righteous rule of gradual increase, I have led a very injury-free running life. The most was maybe taking two extra rest days to rest out some soreness and a cranky piriformis from lack of stretching.

And then 2014 came with a string of discomfort that just couldn’t be resolved with two extra days of rest and for a while I refused to believe it. I ran my official 50 miler on what I highly suspect was a stress fracture. I still don’t regret it, because I’m not sure when I will take the time to train for a 50 miler again, but in the grand scheme of running things, I’m sure it was not my best move.

And recently, as I am coming back into training and running, I started ignoring another pain. My heel… which has been on and off problematic probably since October. At first the back of it bothered me and now the outer right side is. The outer pain went away and the side pain came sometime when I was actually not running and cross training in December. And while the pain is dull and easily ignored for a bit, and boy have I done a great job of denying it’s existences; it has come to a point where I can tell it’s alternating me gait and my walking… terrible signs.

So yes, once again.. I am taking a short running break. Hopefully it’ll be only a week break.  I’m seeing a doctor on Wednesday to do an X-ray because while after enough poking and testing, I’m relatively confident it’s not a heel stress fracture, there is definitely some inflammation occurring and I have a terrible guess it’s a heel spur, but maybe it’s just a weird case of plantar fasciitis where the pain is on the side of the heel versus the arch? Either way, I am trying to stay optimistic and positive about what I can expect from my spring races. I am trying to contain my anxiety about lack of performance at Boston because while I would love, love to PR on that course, I can also have a blast running it for fun. I’m also hoping for a quick recovery so I can resume training for a sub 1:30 half marathon in mid-March giving me about 6 weeks of training left.

After two days of easy paced “short” runs, my heel is feeling less inflamed; however, I am resting until official diagnosis and this is giving me hope that I will be okay. So why am I writing this whole speculative analysis of my injury when my appointment is two days away? Because if there’s nothing more; runners love talking about their running, and when they’re not running, they will go on and on analyzing what is keeping them from running. It’s a fixation, maybe not the healthiest, but also not the worst one either.

So my week of training where I ignored all my issues Monday-Friday and then finally googled MDed myself into a panic attack Friday night.

Monday – 8 Miles 7:08 pace.. my first “speed” workout where I did 4 x 1.5 Miles at 6:55 my Half marathon goal pace with rest in between


Tuesday – 6.2 incline 3; 7:74 pace + Tabata 1 hours


Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 10.1 Miles 8:19 pace with heeling feeling weirder than usual



It was literally negative 3 degrees Fahrenheit in Boston on Thursday morning!!!

Friday – 8 Miles 7:37 pace on incline 3, still doing a great job of ignoring potential injury

Saturday – Fun Run with Somerville Road Runners club at Casey’s 4.1 miles.  Casey’s Tavern provided a stellar brunch offering post run!


Sunday – Fun Run with Slumbrew in Assembly Square where I ran with old friends and new. 3.1 miles

FullSizeRender (2)


Weekly – 39.6 Miles

Making a return, the weekly recap post injury

That’s right for the first time in weeks, I am excited to bring back the weekly recap!

Why? Because I am finally feeling good. Hitting double digit runs isn’t leaving me gasping for air and I have officially hit 50 miles this week!

Monday 3.25, 24 minutes 7:23 pace followed up by Bodypump & core for 75 minutes at Healthworks

Tried Body Pump for the first time and feel a little mixed about workouts with body bars and the load it puts on my shoulder since it’s separated and all that fun stuff.


Tuesday Tabata at Healthworks


Lots of cardio in there, but yet still left my muscles feeling like Jello through Friday.

Wednesday 10.1 Miles, 1:24, 8:19 pace Felt nice and light


Ending the year on a run… because I can.

Thursday – Yea, I did nothing… it’s how I start the new year.



Friday – 6.71 miles in the Fells with a friend at an easy get lost and look for trail markets pace followed by some road running 7.4 miles at 8:06 pace


The trail high… priceless


Saturday – 12.2 Miles 2:00 about 9:50 pace on relatively easy trails.


My friend and I joined in midway at the GAC Fatass 50K where I ran two 10K loops with one tiny hill in a loop. I wasn’t sure how far I would run since I was there with a friend so kept an easy pace in case there was time for more miles. Either way. I was happy to be around company and trails.

Sunday – 11.15 Miles, 1:31, 8:09 Average Pace


It snowed, it rained, and it turned into a beautiful slippery sludge by the end of the day so I took the run easy until I would find small bursts of cleared sidewalk.



Total Mileage – 51

Reflections– Lots of trail running this week which is a bit unnatural but I had the opportunity to run with friends. Also the trails were still clear of snow, which is like unheard of January in New England, so I had to take advantage.

I am still working on my 2015 racing schedule, so stay tuned!


How was your weekend? Any days off? I had Thursday off and worked from home Friday allowing for some flexibility in daylight running hours!

Back to Back 50 miler weekends

Okay first things, I need to pimp myself. I applied to be a Rock and Blog ambassador with the Rock N Roll marathon group. And I’m trying for some brownie points, so if you have twitter and can retweet this little message that would be great!

I got a question the other day asking what I did between my double marathons and my first 50 miler as I had less than two weeks in between. Since I haven’t been best in doing weekly workout recap posts, I figured this would be a great excuse to do one.

The short answer… not much!

So let’s start from the start… one weekend, I achieved probably one of my biggest running accomplishments to date. I ran two marathons back to back in an almost equal BQ time. 3:31:31 & 3:31:40. Now my marathon PR is sub 3:22 so two run two marathons back to back less than 10 minutes from said PR was unexpected. I’m still in shock and I’ll probably write a post what I did to train eventually since it might help other runners who like me have trouble getting in their 20 + milers some weeks.

newport m arathon 6

After basking in my glow of running and realizing how much I love the marathon distance on roads… I relaxed for a few days.

On Monday and Tuesday, I did a mix of nothing, eating and more nothing. I went to work and did a little bit of more nothing. Do you realize how many TV shows I could be watching if I didn’t run… a ton. I hate taking two rest days back to back, but I got caught up in work and life things and decided that I needed to give my body recovery time.

Wednesday, I finally gave my body a run. 9.1 Miles. It ended up being an 8:09 pace… which for me after two days of rest, felt harder than usual.


Thursday-Monday... I went on vacation… and I packed my running shoes and my running clothes… and I never unpacked them until I got home. Yes, I could have found time for at least a 30 minute run, but I decided to take my vacation as a vacation from literally everything. I don’t think I’ve ever done such a great job of nothing doing much.

Vacation Recap to Jamaica is up! 

I returned home on Monday at midnight and at 6AM Tuesday, I woke up, excited to be back in the Fall weather and went for a run.

Tuesday – I went for the same 9.1 mile run, I went before Jamaica, only this time, my pace was 7:51 while keeping it easy. Same path, same annoying car lights, same time. Looks like vacation and rest healed me up.



Wednesday – 6.33  miles 7:38 pace on a treadmill

Thursday 5 miles 7:13 pace on a treadmill

Friday – Rest day

And of course Friday is some carboloading with this baller pizza we made at home.


It’s an ugly photo, but it was delicious. Taco seasoned ground turkey and extra sauce!

As I went from two major endurance weekends, I skipped all strength workouts. I would have loved to attend my favorite tabata class, or do a Jillian Michaels DVD, but my muscles take forever to recover and I’m usually sore for days. So I decided, to sacrifice my muscles and avoid any strength workout that would tempt me. It just takes too big of a toll on my body and I wanted to save my strength for recovery.

Saturday – 9 hours 48 minutes Ghost Train 50 Miler… recap to come! Maybe next week.

Before every race, I like to take a full rest day. I don’t know if there’s physically benefits of taking a rest day vs doing a 2 mile shake up run that some people like. However, personally, skipping that day, helps me out mentally. It prepares me to be excited to run on race day, instead of feeling repetitive. I also try to run at least 20 miles the week of my race. I tried a complete taper of where I run a handful of miles the week of a race and it just makes me feel sluggish.

So there, my recipes of what I did. Maybe this will work for me tomorrow as I attempt on another 50 miler… Stonecat… I can’t make any big promises… but I can only try.


Tell me what your weekend plans are. I have a race Saturday and Sunday night I’m going to a birthday party

Running Weekly Recap Up The Fall

So I had some changes to my life. I switched jobs because I wanted to pursue another opportunity. And while change is always exciting and there’s some sadness to leaving the familiarity, one thing I am sad to part with is MY TREADMILL in my only job’s gym. Having a corporate gym was a pretty sweet perk. So I spent my final week saying goodbye to my old friend. My old job moved offices two years ago and me and MY TREADMILL have had a long love-hate relationship. It’s always felt like running on this treadmill was so much harder than any other, but it was reliable and consistent in it’s performance. I knew that when I had a fast time, it’s because I was running strong, better. So goodbye my old friend, you shall be missed. I dedicate this week of training to ye olde MY TREADMILL.

Monday – 10 Miles 8 miles at 7:24 pace and 2 final at 8:05. All on incline 2.

Tuesday – 10 Miles 8:18 average pace. Legs are tired, but I’m working on running when the mind says no, when the legs are still moving.

Wednesday – 5Miles 8:20 for an easy type of day. Plus it was dark outside and trying to avoid breaking my face is key

Thursday 13.21 Miles On the charles, focused on some faster paced run. 7:47 average pace that includes warm up and cool down.

Friday 3.1 7:50 pace on incline 3 on my last day in the old job.

Saturday 20.2 Miles Visited my parents in Brooklyn and ran along the waterfront. When I was running with the win I hit 7:30s, against the wind and it was 8:15s. Weather was quickly approaching 80 degrees and by mile 16.5 I was severely dehydrated. Had to make a pitstop to a Wendy’s for some soda and water. Wrapped up a few final miles and headed home. Average pace which doesn’t include my slow and painful wait at Wendy’s is 8:@1

Sunday 15.1 Miles This was part of my NYC running tour. 

Total Miles 77 Miles

High Mileage felt good


The next week was tricky. I was traveling a great deal for work between NY & DC area. This presented some logistics in regards to my planning. I didn’t have a car and unfortunately, it gets dark way too early. And the part of Virginia where I was going for work training had more of a highway vs a beautiful running path. So needless to say I had limited options for a running path. I also happened to get sick. Yep, nothing like a pleasant sinus cold to help rack up those miles.

Monday – Rest Day, I didn’t want to but I was traveling so there wasn’t a good time to find a shower anyways

Tuesday – 10.1 Miles 7:43 pace was on a hotel treadmill on a slight incline. I felt great the whole run but I don’t know if that was a statement of my fitness or if I was on the “easy” treadmill.

Wednesday – 3.1 Miles Another travel day, heavy flight delays and getting home ultra late. I felt all gross and I know the one thing that instantly makes me feel better and clears my sinus is a run. Kept it short at 7:27 pace because I had to hop right into bad ASAP.

Thursday – 10.5 Miles A day where there was still some day light left as the days get shorter and short. Sub 8 minute pace for most of it was a little surprising but I guess the cool weather just kept me hoping.

Friday – 8 Miles 8:07 pace in the morning before work. Felt a bit tired

Saturday – 13.1 Miles Somerville Homeless Coaltion 5K with 6:42 pace and after much whining and moping and napping I ran 10 more at 8:18 pace. Between the dreary week and my sinus cold, I felt super out of it.

Sunday 16.1 Miles Cambridge 5K at 7:02 pace (although my watch said I ran 3.25 vs 3.1) and 13.1 Miles or so afterwwards with a mix of trails, roads and fireroads. It really was beautiful on the trails before I took a huge fall on the pavement around the corner of my house. If you want to see the gruesome results of the wreck that is me, check out instagram LianaRogue

But if you don’t want to look at bloody knees and more, here’s some pretty fall photos of the woods


Total Miles 61 Miles

Well the week went well considering I was sick and traveling alot with the exception of my epic fall literally .05 miles from my house. That really sucked.


QOTD – When tracking miles in your running log do you take race distance or garmin distance for your own personal tracking? I’ve always taken the shorter of the two to be conservative. For my 5k that my watch said 3.25, I tracked a 3.1 for my log. For my 5K that ended up being a 3 miler, I only tracked 3 miles. 

No rest for the crazy – Ultramarathons and Training Recap

Well… so I spent all summer long training and finally completed my first (and probably only) half iron man. Although, I wasn’t too thrilled with how I performed on this race, I couldn’t sit and dwell for too long because I still had plenty to look forward to in the fall.

That’s right, once tri-season ended for me, I’m full swinging into ultraseason!


The season will conclude with Stonecat 50 Miler. A 12.5 mile looped course that I’ll be prancing around 4 times. Before that, I’ve scheduled a few fun events.

10/4/14 Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K (Maybe PR maybe not?)
10/5/14 Cambridge oktoberfest 5K (Fun run in costume for this gal)
10/11/14 Hartford Marathon (Hoping for sub 4)
10/12/14 Newport Marathon (Hoping for a sub 1:38 for the first half since I’m competing in the triple crown and then just a finish for the second half)
10/26/14 Ghost Train 30 hour race (I want to hit 50 miles)

Granted, I don’t have as much time as I would to train for the 50 miler, but I think I have some good runs scheduled in. I’m doing my first ever back to back marathon weekend! And the beauty of Ghost Train is that it’s a timed event and my whole goal is to get to 50 miles even if I take a nap in between and crawl through the finish line.

So how did my first two weeks post half ironman go?

Week 1

Monday – 5 Miles 8 minute miles on my home treadmill because I wanted to run on tired legs

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 10.1 Miles 7 Miles during lunch at 7:36 pace that felt difficult on incline 2, and 3.1 miles at 7:44 pace with Nike Running club

Thursday – 6.2 Miles 7:35 Pace

Friday – 6 Miles 8:15 Pace – Slowed it down a lot

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 20.2 Miles 13.1 Miles at 7:28 Pace for Boston/Revere half marathon and 7.1 extra miles in the evening at 7:53 pace

Total Miles – 47.5 MPW Still working on recovering a bit, but ramping up the miles felt good!

Week 2

Monday – 10 Miles I wanted to start with a double long run

Tuesday – Rest is the hardest day of the week for me

Wednesday – 10 Miles; 8 minute pace;  Runmute from work to home with a bit extra


Boy does it get dark early these days!

Thursday – 13.1 Miles 8:14 Pace; Runmute from work to home and hit a few more stop lights than I would like!


Friday – 3.15 Miles 7:06 pace If I can’t run long than I’ll run fast

Saturday – 15.1 Miles 7:58 pace Wanted to go longer but was short on time


Sunday 11.2 Miles – Two part of misery. Ran 8.1 miles to Boston because I was volunteering at the Jimmy Fund walk. Was actually trying to fit in 9-10 miles but it was 82 degrees, humid and I felt terrible. 8:58 pace when all was said and walked. Did 3.1 Miles extra in the evening at another slower but tough 8:58 pace. When I got home, I was covered in dead bugs because it was just so muggy outside.

Total miles – 62.55 MPW I’m surprised that even with the longer runs, my pace with the exception of Sunday is going pretty steady.


Weekly Recap

When I see others training for events, I always wonder how many hours and miles they put into their week. For me?

When I train for marathons it’s 50-60 miles which is about 7-8 hours if there’s no trail miles…

For the triathlon? Specifically this 70.3 I’ve been targeting 8-10 hours. Sometimes I come close to 10 hours but usually I don’t make it. I had high hopes of going into 12-15 hours a week, but the 10 hours a week alone is close to burning me out.

In the end, the best weekly hours of sweat should be whatever leaves you feeling the most energized and prepared. I could be a better athlete and do more morning workouts, but I find myself craving more and more sleep.

My goal is to finish and I’m working on that being enough. Type A personality take a back seat!

This week my mileage dipped below 35 miles, a minimum that I used to try to hit within 4 days. However, I did hit 10 hours of “training” and 102 miles of sweat.

Monday – Rest (Traveling and errands day)

Tuesday – 10 Mile Run (8 miles on incline 3 and 2 on incline 2) average pace was 8 minutes but the first hillier 8 were a little faster and last two were around 8:15 pace to cool down.

Also did an evening swim after avoiding the pool for a week once again. 42 laps (2,100 yds or about 1.19 miles) in 65 minutes with up to 4 people in my lane. If there’s one thing the Malden Y has prepared me for, it’s swimming in a large crowd with people limps constantly whacking you.

photo 1

Wednesday 8 miles at 7:48 pace. Stayed on incline 2 because my legs felt pretty tired from Tuesday. I realized just how tight they were when I tried to line them up against a wall.

photo 2

Harder and more painful than it looks!

Thursday – 50 minute spin and 10 mile run

Spin class went okay. Had some trouble with the bike I was on… Very squeaky but I tried to make the best of it. Around 17 miles per that meter but who knows how true that is. I did a runmute home after work with a little bit of a hail storm 3/4ths into it!

Check out my instagram video – Running is hard enough without giant ice balls gunning you down. Who needs an ice bucket challenge when you can just run in a hail thunderstorm while the sky is still bright blue. The run ended up being 8:24 pace for 10 miles that excludes the hail storm pause.

Friday – Rest day It wasn’t planned but we went out to celebrate Tony’s birthday on Thursday so I was a little tired and I also discovered that I have 9 episodes of pretty little liars to watch. So you have one guess

Saturday – 51 miles bike and 3.2 mile run!

I did an indoor brick workout. I’m ashamed to admit it but I don’t do my long rides outside. I feel like I don’t get to train as hard or well when I’m constantly stopping for lights and other cars. So yes, I do my long “rides” on my trainer even when the weather is gorgeous because you know the outside world? It truly is a scary place but mostly a slow place without police detail. Instead I found some movies and shoes to watch on Netflix.

But it’s not easy. As soon as I got on the saddle, my mind just wasn’t into it. it’s hot and my brain was coming up with alternatives to ditch my “ride.” Maybe I should go run or maybe I should go swim instead? Or cook a 10 course meal while cleaning out my closet. Luckily, I stayed put and played around with some music and different movies. Finally about half way into my workout I started to get into it. I have to admit that hour three was my favorite. Sometimes you just need to fight through the wall to find eureka moments.

I was on such a high of fighting through the wall that I decided now is a perfect time for my first brick workout! 3.2 miles on the treadmill in my basement because I wanted to finish watching my movie. It wasn’t fast but it was a running speed. So 51 miles according to my Garmin for 3 hours on the bike and 8:21 average pace for a 5K earned me a break and helped me avoid swimming for another day.

photo 3

To reward myself I justified why it’s okay to only swim once a week and made these tasty treats instead stuffed with ground turkey!

photo 4

Sunday – 1,950 yard swim

I thought I would spend my Sunday with a long run but the sunny weather made me sluggish. Finally when I knew I only had one hour to go until the pool closed, I dragged myself to the Y. I compromised to 20 laps, 30 minutes and then I can call it quits for another week.

photo 5

but when I got there, the pool was empty! Something you almost never see at my Y. I’m used to swimming with 4 other people in my lane, not just me myself and I.

Before I knew it, my 30 minutes changed into until the life guard kicked me out in 53 minutes with 39 laps. One of my faster swims yet!

Overall I’m happy the effort I’ve been into the other two legs of my race next month. This week I have a 50K trail race so I have an idea that my running numbers might go up 😉

How many hours a  week do you “train”?
What are you training for?

I hate the term training, I’m not in the army and I’m not a pro so if anything it’s a hobby. That’s why the word “training” or “train” is followed by air quotes.