Weekly Recap – Little Rock Faper and a Forced Slow Down

I’ve been on a roll lately, race or not, I’ve been keeping my mileage high and feeling great. Of course eventually all good things come to an end. I generally try to schedule in down weeks and rest days but sometimes I get over excited with the endorphins and run on. I guess something like that must have happened because now I’m tenderly taking a few days off due to what I think is a strain. Basically the part where my foot meets my leg in the front is very cranky. It got cranky enough that I had to call my favorite driving half to come pick me up mid run! Anyways I spent the day icing and elevating and it’s feeling better to I’m only in semi panic mood.

Anyways, I’m behind on two weeks of recaps so let’s get this in the books.

The week of Little Rock marathon was a slow week but only because I needed a rest day from my 35 mile weekend and I spent 2 days in a car for the drive to Little Rock.

Monday 6.5 Miles
I was going for an easy 4 miler or so but I got really into my episode of Doctor Who and before I knew it I was past 10K at average pace of 7:50

Tuesday Rest
Because I really should have taken my rest day on Monday

Wednesday 11.15 Miles
2 part run with 8 miles 7:34 pace on incline 2 and a short 5K in the evening at 7:26 pace.

Thursday 8 Miles
Progressive run on incline 3 while rocking out to the new Glee episode with Adam Lambert. Average pace ended up being 8:01!

Friday, Saturday – Road Trip Fun

Sunday – 26.2 Epic Little Rock Marathon

Total Mileage – 52 Miles

Total Feelings – Running on Happy


My week after Little Rock was anything but recovery. Although it didn’t feel like a mistake, it probably was.

Monday – Rest/drive back to Boston

Tuesday – 6.5 Miles
I was going to run only a few miles, but I was so happy to be back running and not traveling that I kept running a little further than I should.

Wednesday – 14.3 
After Little Rock I was feeling great and wanted to keep upping my mileage. 8 miles at even 7:36 pace on incline 2 and 6.3 miles later in the evening at 7:37 while watching Nashville.

Thursday – 8 Miles
8:10 on incline 3

Friday – 8 Miles
7:47 Pace on incline 2

Saturday – 6.25 Miles
8:33 Pace. I was going to do a long run but my effort was all off. My path that I usual run 7:30s on were turning into 9 min miles and so I cut my run short. Nothing hurt at this point but I sensed an overall fatigue.

Sunday – 11.13 Miles
This run actually started of fabulous. Cutting my run short on Saturday seemed to add an extra kick to my run! And then around mile 10 I started to feel a pain in my lower shin or top of foot and within a mile I could barely walk. I didn’t fall or trip or anything weird, so the only thing I could think that caused the strain might be the hoping over puddles and mud craps from all the snow in my area. Either way, I stopped my Garmin around 11 mile mark when my average pace was still 7:57 and tried to walk my way home. About a mile away I got picked up where I iced and rested my foot and thus my little drama fest began.

Total Miles – 54 Miles

Total Feelings – Injured =(

Weekly Recap – How to slack on triathlon training

They say that you SHOULD do more of what you’re weak at and less of your strength. Well this week was quite the opposite! The weather was amazing so of course I had to strap on running shoes and get out there. However, that left little motivation to sit inside on a bike trainer.

Adding to my lack of motivation to do things that I’m bad at, is my speed meter. I’m having trouble with my speed cadence which leaves me a bit discouraged. It is a bit more motivating to see 18mph I had last week than the 6.8mph it’s giving me this week. Furthermore to my slacking, I know I have the summer after my 50 miler to focus on biking!
Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 13.1 mile run 10 mile bike
I ran 8 miles in the morning on incline 2, alternating between 8.2MPH to 7.8 MPH with a 1 mile warm up. Average pace claimed 7:33. After work I got on the training and after 30 minutes my speed cadence started to hate me so I biked for 5 minutes more and decided to do a brick run instead! 5.1 miles on my homemill 7:50 pace.

Wednesday 7 miles
Legs tired after Tuesday. Got through 7 miles incline 3 at 8:12 pace

Thursday 10 miles + 35 minute ride
8 miles at 7:40 on incline 2, then 2 painful miles at at incline 3 of a run/walk combo crawl. Legs were a little tired, but I pushed them since next two weeks I have Little Rock marathon so aside from race day, I would take it a little easy.

My bike ride was another mystery mileage. Garmin told me 4 miles, but I pedaled harder than Tuesday that told me 10 miles before.

Thursday Rough Day

My cat tried to join on the trainer ride!

Friday 7 miles
The plan was for recovery as I set the treadmill to 8:12 pace or so on incline 2 but somehow I kept speeding up without it feeling harder.  Maybe it was season 7 of doctor who that I just started?? Either way, I stopped at 7 because I didn’t want to empty my legs out before the killer heat wave weekend we have. My average pace ended up being 7:42, oops.

Doc Who

Saturday 15 Miles
Such a beautiful, beautiful day! I didn’t make it outside until 2PM so I lost a good opportunity of running without cars. It was great to run in a t-shirt but not so fun trying to avoid cars. Lots of praying on this running. Dear people, please don’t text and drive, please see me in my bright colors, please don’t run me over! I got no where to go!

Saturday Run

I’m ecstatic to wear no sleeves!

Sunday 20.25 Miles
Although the day was overcast and the weather about 10 degrees cooler than Saturday, my run went a bit better than Saturday. Even with all the snow melting, it was still not enough for the majority of the sidewalks and running paths. That walk button is really useful! This is one of those crazy intersection

Sunday Run Snow

I ran in random parts to the lake in Wakefield that I was hoping would be runnable. Instead I only had about a mile of the parking area to run on before I reached the parked cars and then a route. So I turned around and went back to praying that no one is texting and driving!

Sunday Run Total

I did have a close call with a biker as well. Guy was bombing down the road as he did have the right of way, but almost ran into me as neither of us saw each other behind a snow bank. Very scary and very unpleasant for us both!

My heart really goes out to anyone training for this first marathon this winter! It’s a tough one, but you’ll be ready for anything by race day!

Total Miles – 72.35 Running and about 20 or 70 minutes of biking

Total Feelings – Quads are sore! Most be the double long runs this weekend! 

How was your weekend?

Weekly Recap – Miles and Miles to go

To be honest my goals have been a bit manic lately as I train for multiple events that only partially go together. I’m torn between trying to get more mileage for my 50 miler trail run in June with getting more biking in for my half ironman in September. Let’s not ignore the swimming part too that I’ve avoided 100% since September. So a little explanation.

  • I’m going high mileage because the trails are frozen and I figured I can over compensate in mileage for the lack of trail running I’ve been doing.
  • I’m trying to build a biking base with my trainer. Since I’ve never really biked before, I figured any time on the trainer is better than nothing. I’m hoping to focus in on some rides over the summer when the roads are not covered with a foot of snow that barely a pedestrian and a car can get through.
  • My mileage in biking and running will be much higher in February vs. March since I’ll be more busy with work next month. Just like I like to bank in a race on time, I like to bank on miles to make up for busier months.
  • Boston Marathon will most likely still be my A race with Little Rock and Atlanta marathons as training runs for Boston and TARC 50 miler.
  • Thinking about running 50 miles makes me want to crawl in a hole; I hope this view changes when I can step on a trail without snowshoes on.
  • Swimming – I know I’ve been slacking. It’s cold, and the sidewalks are all icy. I’m giving myself until the snow melts to keep slacking, then I’m gonna have to start working on a swimming base again.
  • Strength – I should really do something about this. I was informed that carrying a gym-bag does not count as weight lifting

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Monday – 7 Miles
Lesson of the day was that if I start of slow, I can finish strong. Progressive run to an average pace of 8 min per mile on Incline 3.

Tuesday – 8 Miles
My usual treadmill was taken so I had to use the crappy one that always tells me no user detected. Aside from some mumbling, I was happy for the break since this one is easier to run on than my usual one. 7:35 pace

Wednesday – 10 Miles
Ran 8 miles at incline 3 and cooled of with 2 miles on incline 2. 8:02 average pace for the whole run

Thursday – 10 Miles + 33 Trainer Ride
Reversed from my usual. I did 8 miles at incline 2, 7:32 pace and ended it with 2 miles at incline 3 for those evil races that like to end on a hill. Average pace of 7:42

In the evening I thought it would be a great idea to do a long trainer ride since I was going skiing on Saturday. Biked for 1 hour and 45 minutes to what my Garmin told me was 33 miles, but who knows the actual distance.

Friday – 3.1 Mile Run
I was really tired from the long ride on Thursday so I took it easy. Figured a nice little 5K to recover with. 7:44 pace.

Saturday – Cross Country Ski 3 miles?
So the distance is not record-breaking, but it involved taking a lesson and making your own path because the trails we paid to use did not have tracks. Inclines definitely got me sweating!

Sunday – 20 Miles
I was going to go run outside, but as I looked at the fresh layer of powder dumped Saturday night, I changed my mind. I told myself, I have Monday off, maybe I’ll run long then. I went to the basement to run 9 miles since I like keeping 50 running miles per week.

At mile 9 I still felt fresh and decided to keep going with the latest episode of the Blacklist. By 12.9 Miles when my treadmill timer reset I was still feeling solid, so I was like okay, let’s just do the long run now. At my rough Boston Draft, I was supposed to be on a 16 miler so I figured just another 5K to stay on track for Boston. By the time 16 miles came, I was like let’s do 2 more since I did 16 last week. When 18 came, I was pretty tired and done with running, but I still had a little gas in the tank, so I was like why not do 2 more to get to 20 miles! No, I was not able to get myself to run .2 more for my usual habit of ending runs on a .2 or .1.

This would be my first treadmill 20 miler in over 2 years. I did one when I was training for my first marathon. This would also be a new distance for my crappy home treadmill that I previously maxed out at 13.1 miles on.

To what can I dedicate this run to? Episode of Blacklist, New Girl, Mindy Show and a fresh pair of new shoes!

Total Miles 111.2 Miles

Total Biked 50 Miles

Total Ran 61.2 Miles

Total Feelings – With the exception of crazy insomnia Thursday night, my legs feel great

How did your week go? Feel free to link up in the comments!

#RnRNola Taper & Recovery

In case the 100 mile week didn’t fool you, I don’t quite follow the traditional taper path. At least not for as long as some “specialists” claim you should. Nonetheless, the week of the race I take it easy.For the most part, I love taper week. Believe it or not, it gets to be a struggle at times to keep up high mileage and having the excuse to kick it back for “taper” is nice. Although if the weather gets gorgeous, I do get the taper crazies.

Taper Week

Majority of my runs during taper week really sucked. However, I was okay with that. Last few races I did sucked, but the taper week went awesome, too awesome. I figured that if my taper runs blow, my race will be awesome and it was! Proving shitty runs lead to killer races.

Monday – Rest/Lazy

Tuesday – 8 Mile Run 20 Mile Bike
I was targeting 8 race pace miles of 7:30 but average came out to 7:37, those extra 7 seconds were just not in me.  Did a “20 mile” trainer ride in about 62 minutes.

Wednesday – 7 Mile Run
7 miles at average pace of 8:22 on incline 3. I guess I was surprised how much I struggled on the run. I guess the biking is making me tired even though it doesn’t feel like it should. Since the biking was wearing me out, I decided to skip the trainer for the rest of the week until NOLA was over.

Thursday – 6 Mile Run
6 Mile incline 2. I gave up on anything too exciting happening on my runs. 7:41 Pace. It’s a great pace, but for someone who was targeting 7:30 for a marathon, it felt awful.

Friday – 4 Mile Run
Maybe I was just too excited about this being my last run before NOLA. Or maybe because I love doing 4 miles, they’re so short and sweet! Either way, it went well after my week of struggle. 7:17 Pace!

4 miler

Saturday – Rest, expo, sightseeing

Sunday – Race Day

Recovery Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Rest
On Monday and Tuesday I did plenty of sightseeing and walking so I’d call it active recovery! Wednesday it snow and I kinda missed just laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing.  I shoveled the stairs.  Does that count?

Thursday – 4 miles
I was trying to do 7 but first run after a badass race is expected to be rough. Right? I wasn’t sore anymore but the gym was packed from all the people trying to make up for snowed in lazy Wednesday.  I started too fast and then my heart rate just got too racy so I decided 4 was enough for my body that now. 7:52 average pace, way too fast for recovery

Run4 miles

Friday 7 Miles
This time I learned my lesson and started out slower. Still on incline 2 with an average pace of 8:06 I got through my 7 miles

Saturday 30 mile trainer ride
To be honest, I’m pretty sure my mileage is completely off. My Garmin jumps from 3mph to 23mph. So who knows what I am actually doing. But I do know my butt was planted to the trainer for 100 minutes.  While the trainer is as dull as watching water that refuses to boil, if I get enough TV shows it becomes tolerable. Going to have to save all Nashville episodes for the trainer!

bike saturday

Sunday – 16 miles
Part of me wanted to blow off my long run. I mean it is recovery week. However, that’s the thing about social media with twitter and Instagram and all my awesome friends going on their long runs, it made it difficult to just sit inside all day eating cheese-dip. I actually made it out of my house by 10AM when it was nice and sunny and not snowing. Unfortunately, the foot of snow we got on Wednesday didn’t go anywhere so I was forced to run on the roads. I got a nice hour or so of peaceful running before the rest of society woke up and started driving and honking and getting in my way. Finished the run with 4 miles on the treadmill. I might have ran further, but I realized on the treadmill that my leg was profusely bleeding! Instagram if you want the gorey gross details.

16 miler

How did your weekend go? Run long? Ride long? Sit long?

Weekly Recap – 100 Miles of Sweat

Monday – 22.2 Miles
Since I missed my long run over the weekend, I had some catching up to do. 8:28 pace while I slipped and slid over the same 2 mile path over and over again.

Tuesday – 8 Miles, 15 miles biking on trainer
I tried to take it easy but ended up in the grey of 7:45 pace on incline 2. My spin class got canceled cause of the winter storm we had, so I biked 15 miles at 17MPH according to the Garmin. Who knows if that’s even true.

Wednesday – 10 Miles
Ran this in two parts, 8 miles at incline 3, 2 at incline 2. Average pace 8:05 per my notes but I forgot what each individual run was

photo 4 (3)

Thursday – 8 Miles
7:37 Pace during lunch. Tried harder but did not reach my 7:30 pace. Bad sleep, lots of coughing. Went to a 7:30PM spin class afterwork. Don’t know my distance for that.

Friday – 2 Miles
Just a little shake to break a sweat for 15 minutes or so at home.

Saturday – 20.25 Miles 8:12 Pace
Final long run before New Orleans.I was suppose to wake up at 4:30 AM to run a 50K at the Cape, but due to potential snowstorm we bailed and I slept in til the afternoon.

The weather warmed up a bit to 30s, but the wind, wind was brutal. I actually opened my door, got blasted with a gust of wind and went back and changed into my windbreaker. I hated the orange Boston jacket when I first got it, but after seeing the 2014 colors, I’m feeling better and better about my shade of orange.

photo 3 (4)

I held to 8 minute pace for 15 miles on a flat path were 24 MPH winds were against me half the time, but as I wrapping up into my 20 miler, getting the last miles done was painful.

photo 2 (5)

I was definitely dragging myself mentally and physically for the final 5K.

long run sat

Sunday – 15 Miles Trainer ride
Kicked of my taper week with just a short biking session

sunday bike

Actually I spent most of my day doing things like kitty salon for Jack Meower

photo 1 (5)

Total Mileage – 70 ran, 30 biked + 1 spin

Total Feeling – Pretty good! Wish I had 3 weekends all the time, I’d become a super athlete then.

New Orleans in 6 days! Are you running?

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QOTD – How did your workout week go?

Lets go run on a frozen beach!! and Weekly Recap

Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K/Half Ass 25K

If you’re close to the Cape (cod) and are not doing anything on Saturday, I highly recommend this trail race on Saturday. It’s free, has a 25K, or 50K official distance, but you could really run 5 miles, 10 miles, or 1 mile if you’re up to. Very informal with lots of tasty pot luck “fuel.” I did it last year and it was one of my favorite races.

Last week was very low mileage for me. I went to Brooklyn to visit my parents and with 10 + hours on the road, there went my free time for long runs. I would normally have done two a day, but I have some work things happening that just left me too busy, drained and exhausted to run twice a day. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it this week.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday 8 Mile Run & 10 Mile Bike
Ran 8 miles during lunch. Really pushed it at incline 2 for a 7:24 pace. Wish I had a phone to capture the moment that I can do it if I try. After work I decided it’s about time that I set up my bike with it’s cadence reader and all that. I got to 10 miles at an average speed of 17.6 MPH. I was playing around with resistance while trying to keep my RPM at 90, which was way too hard. Got cranky but I’m moving on.

Wednesday – 8.5 Miles
Average pace was 7:24. The weather was so perfect that I had to go outside. It was partly sunny and in the 40s with no snow or ice on the ground. Something that’s rarer than rare this year. I thought I would take it easy, but I found in it to pick up the pace a bit for 7:20 pace for the first 8 miles. I really wish I had more time to run longer since I was feeling so great.

Thursday – 8 Miles
After a long cray cray day I come home with plans to hit the couch. Then I figure why not run/walk a little for 4 miles.  Before I know it I’m running beyond my plan because I don’t want to interrupt my episode of Nashville!! I was pretty miserable for 20 minutes, but then I got completely into it that I finished with 8 miles at 7:45 pace. Goes to show that the hardest part is to start.

Friday – 6.2 Miles
I’ve been avoiding my incline 3 run all week. Brought my ipod so I could watch Scandal while on my runch. Ended up with an 8 minute pace. Key to dreadmills is a good distraction.

Saturday & Sunday – I wish driving counted as a workout

Total Miles – 30.5 Ran 10 Miles Biked

Feelings – Restless, but trying to relax. tomorrow is another day


Do you use a trainer to bike on? Tell me about it! I find it so open ended! Maybe that’s why I like running and treadmill, your measurements are limited and simple to understand. You got speed, maybe some incline and that’s about it! Biking there’s gears, resistance, cadence, it’s like I need a degree before I feel comfortable that I’m doing something right.

How did you workouts go last week? Ran? Biked? Feel free to link up!

Do you watch Nashville? Can we all agree that Gunter and Scarlet should be together so they can write and sing pretty songs that I can run to? Mmmkay?

Weekly Recap – RnR NOLA Training

Mother nature is a fickle thing in Boston. If it’s sunny and beautiful, chances are the ground is covered in 2 feet of snow and anything that cleared up, is frozen into black ice. If it hits 50 degrees, well then you better prepare for pouring rain. 45? And sunny? Guess what, you better watch out, there’s 25MPH wind coming straight against you. But worry not, at least that wind may help you in the opposite direction. Of course, chances are by the time you turn around to make you way home, the wind will have changed directions to continue your battle against you.

New England winters… they never get boring.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 8 Miles
Incline 2, 7:39 pace. I was still in full on Sinus infection mood, but luckily, all I need to do is run for a little bit before my sinuses clear up.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
Incline 3, 7:52 pace. I don’t know how I was able to keep up the speed while on incline 3. Must be the rest for not doubling up on runs.

incline 3

Thursday – 10 Miles
Incline 2, 7:42 average pace. Once again, with lower mileage, I was able to hit up faster speed. Killed 8 miles just under an hour and cooled down with 2 more easier miles.

Friday – 4 Miles
I was planning on running 9, but with the stress of my missing phone, I ran an easy 4 miles in the evening at home at about 7:45 pace. I was drained and dead after the 4 miles.

Saturday – 13.25 Miles
It looked dark and misty outside. Weather was approaching 50 and humid. Actually, it was amazing to run in a tshirt and capris. I didn’t know how many miles I would get in before I would have to turn out to go home from the rain. It was also the first time in almost half a decade that I left my house without a phone. No music, just me, my garmin and my breathing. I was going to try to hold out for 10 miles, but the 13 came easier than I thought. I wanted to go for 15, but decided to save some energy in the tank for Sunday. Before I even got a chance to shower, it started to thunder and pour outside. Average pace was about 8:05 as I tried to main comfortable effort.

Saturday Run

Sunday – 20.2 Miles
Tony promised me a long run on Sunday so we set out. We ran together for about 9 miles at about a 9 minutes pace. He got cold and went to finish his run on the treadmill. I on the other hand had no desire to miss out on the 40s weather. 40s is a heatwave in my book, even if it did come with 25 mile winds. Instead, I gathered up my ancient Ipod with my awesome new headphones and headed out for 11 more by my lonesome self. Rocked out to Glee cover songs and tried to pick up some speed. However, after being on on my feet for 90 minutes, it was definitely harder to run faster. I don’t think I believe in negative splitting, no matter what I read! Average speed came to 8:38 for the 20 miler.

Ipod SUnday

Total – 63.45

Total Feels – A little sore

I’m not sure if it was picking up the pace on tired legs on my 20 miler that made me tired or the double back long runs. Either way the quads are feeling a little sore today.

How did your weekend go?

Weekly Recap – RnR Nola Training

Ahh, a new week, always so full of energy and plans. Or maybe it’s the rest day that I start with that always leaves me perky at the start and nappy by the weekend.

Monday – 8 miles
I pushed back rest day til Tuesday because I had my holiday party that day and would have no time during lunch to run. It must have been my lazy Sunday of the prior week because I went up to average pace of 7:32 per mile on incline 2. There was one mistake when i hill the cool off button at mile 7.1 and had to restart my run for .9 of a mile to go. Total time, one hour!

Tuesday – Rest Day
Well, I didn’t have my holiday party due to the snow, instead I ate a lot and waited in traffic and broken trains all day. Nothing kills a workout, like a nightmare commute.

Wednesday – 11.1 miles
Have you ever just woke up angry. Angry at the world. Or maybe the 30 minute commute that took you 3 hours. Stress, and exhaustion getting to you. Yea that was my Wednesday. My first run was self medicating, incline 3, 8:15 average pace for 8 miles! 66 minutes. I had extra time once again while waiting for my holiday party so I ran another 5K, 7:28 pace, while watching Hart of Dixie. I still felt cranky, but I guess it was just one of those days. At least I took it out on great running.

Thursday – 8 Miles
7:33 pace on the easy home mill. Felt a bit unmotivated all day, but still made it through. This time, watched Biggest Loser. I can’t say if I love or hate the show.

Friday – 6.2 
Just a Friday evening 10K on incline 3. 8:06 pace at the workgym after work. Should have taken it easier. Maybe I would have had more spunk left by Sunday.

Saturday – 18.2 = 2 hours 32 minutes
The sun was blazing, the snow was melting and my legs felt like dancing. I ran through Malden, Melrose & Wakefield in the early afternoon. I was glad that it took me a while to go out, because by the time I left the house, the sun was shining. I love running in sunshine. My average pace ended up being around 8:21 but that includes several light stops, and frogging around cars, people, snow, and pools and puddles of melted snow. It was probably as close to trail running as you could get while still being on concrete. Or maybe more like hurdling of snow banks. And somehow, with all the wetness around me from the melting home, I made it through 16 of the 18 miles before my feet got wet.

Sunday – 4 Miles
I had plans on running 8.5 to get back up to 60, but it was such a dreary day. The streets were still wet and covered in Snow and I had absolutely no motivated. Maybe I wore out my running mojo for the week. I settled on an easy 4 miles on the home treadmill. 7:34 pace and an episode of Carrie Diaries.


Total Miles – 55.5

Total Feelings – Sore, I think all the snow hurdling made my muscles tried =(

Weekly Recap – Running after a 3 week break

You know, I have to confess, I really thought running after a 3 week break would be easy. I thought me and running could take a 3 week no speaking, no “running into each other”, do our own thing break and reunite like nothing ever happened when I returned.

Unfortunately, running is a spiteful little number. While she welcomed me with open shoes, there will be some bruises. I know we’ll get back to the place we were with even better times ahead, but it’ll be rough for a few weeks.

I don’t regret not “working out” on vacation because sometimes it’s nice being lazy, and sometimes it’s just too damn hot with no roads, or safe place to run. However, the road to getting back where we left before has been a tad bumpy, but that’s what keeps it fun.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 5 Miles
I plunged straight to where I left off, before I went away, only to almost fall flat on my face, literally. Yup, after 3 weeks of no running or any cardio “workout,” I thought I could jump on the treadmill at a 7:45 pace and be perfectly. And I felt perfect, and happy in pure bliss… for 2 miles until the ability to breath escaped me. Up at about 1/4th of my planned run, I felt tapped out. I stopped, took a break and restarted. I decided to settle myself on a 10K, but the walk breaks would not end. Finally, I decided 5 miles was good enough.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
To say, I felt sore, would be an understatement, but there’s no rest for the wicked, running PRs don’t grow on trees. Since, clearly I couldn’t find a pace I could stick with on the treadmill, I figured going outside might be a better deal. And luckily for my ego, I was right. At a steady pace, I went through 4, 6, & 8 miles. Average pace was 8:!5, a bit slower than the 7:30 10 milers I was flying through 3 weeks before I left, but I made it.

Thursday – Rest
If I thought I knew soreness Wednesday, Thursday brought me a whole new definition. I think the only time I felt more sore from running was when I ran my first half marathon. I barely wanted to move, and sitting hurt from my core to calves to arms. Why my arms hurt? Make it a mystery to my running form?

Friday – 3.1 Miles
Still felt tired and took it easy. In the evening, I decided to test out if I could run a 5K without a break. My course was my homemill and my company was the Eye of the Tiger. 23:30 and my pain was over.

Saturday – 9.16 Miles
I wasn’t sore! That was enough for a happy dance. I thought about doing 13 miles, but I wanted to partially race the 5K Sunday so I cut my run short. 75 minutes of running and I have reached my exhaustion comfort for the time. 8:07 pace, which was a hillier route and faster than my Wednesday run.

Sunday – 3.1 Miles

A PR!!!!

The course was much flatter than Somerville, which is my only 5K experience, and the weather was bone-chilling cold, but I know I’m almost back to where me and running left off.


Have you ever taken a complete, non injury related break from running, biking, etc? How long?

Training towards nothing recap & our new family member!

I’m excited to share that our house has a new family member!

He is my roommate’s cat and we don’t have a name for him yet but we’re (mostly her) working on it. He’s adorable ginger tabby of 7 months old with the most soft, soft fur and a bit shy but sweet personality.

Speaking of fur babies. I don’t think I shared photos of Jack in like 3 days so I should now.

It’s been cold, so his current favorite spot besides the blankie is:

Anyway’s last week training? I’m not sure if I should call it recovery, or a rest week? I spent the majority of it being sick, sneezing and unable to breath due to a sinus infection. While my pride and legs were ready to get back to running by Tuesday, my body decided it needed a little bit more time.

The total mileage was 33.5 miles, about 17 less than my current target of 50 miles a week. However, the three runs that I did went great! I just wish I felt more up to it on the other days last week.

I’ll be traveling for the next three weeks and living my life out of my backpack as I travel through Burma (Myanmar), Singapore and Malayasia. Therefore, I wanted to have a solid running week before I left, since I assume my running will be fairly limited beyond taking in the local culture and flavor.

It took three attempts to limit my clothing to fit everything in there. It does help that I’ll be visiting a country with warm weather.

I’m super excited for my trip, but when I return I’ll have two months to myself into sub 3:20 shape before RnR New Orleans!

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 9 miles on the Charles

My Garmin was being cranky after NY and wouldn’t sync. I know I did 8 miles at 7:30 and I’ll just assume my warm up was around 8. Feeling a little better about myself.

Thursday – Rest/Sick

Friday – 8 miles on incline 3 63:42 7:57 pace

I took a break from feeling sorry for myself and being sick to hit some treadmill pavement. Was really excited about hitting the pace on incline 3 that I usually do for incline 2.

Saturday – 16.5 Miles 2:10 7:52 average pace

I kind of wasted time around the house and by the time I started my run, I barely had two hours left before I had a party to go to. You know you’re a runner when you sacrifice time needed to do your hair, so you could get a few extra miles in.

Photo: Nice day means a nice run in between sneezing

The run itself felt fairly nice, despite having run what would be an almost tempo (I ran on incline 3) pace for me when adjusted for incline the day before. I guess low mileage does help keep your runs faster. My ankle started to hurt again around mile 15 so maybe it’s time to switch up my long run shoes?

Do you ever feel like you have to load up on training/working out before a vacation? I don’t usually like to workout when I travel since I want to jam pack my day with sightseeing. Instead I guess I like to “bank” some miles before I leave.